Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello Kitty x Marks and Spencer custom purchase open

Courtesy to British Beauty Blog:

Custom purchase is now available for this range of Hello kitty x marks and spencer make up. due to release in 3 weeks time.

Customer with over £20 purchase will get a free Hello Kitty London sticker

All order can email to admin@loveeveltd.com

Website for custom purchase is : www.loveeveltd.com

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unlike - JuJu aquamoist


I have been trying my heart and soul out to like this JuJu Aquamoist series. This is just one of the product from JuJu Aquamoist that I try my best to like. oh no.. it didn't work out.

Let me present you another product that didn't work out for me.

 The serum...

I really tried. I read and reread the instruction and still cannot get it work for me.

 Reason for unlike:
1. It does not suit my skin. it leaves a very sticky feeling to my skin, no matter how thinly i spread it, before or after toner, morning or evening. The stickiness on my skin really irritates me. S tried so hard to attach my eye shield with tapes at night and he complain ' your face is so sticky and I can't attach the tapes on it' that's how bad it is
2. It does not work even it is in winter. Lets suppose that it moisturizes skin. So, if it is a gel moisturizer I suppose it works in summer better than winter? oh no.. get your blot paper out if you want to use this. I try to use this even in a UK summer weather (nice and dry and not hot at all) still. it just stick. Even in winter, it still sticks
3. Why not use it as gel mask? or apply another layer of moisturizer? i tried. still doesn't work. I don't want to feel like thousands of bees stick to my face if I use it as gel mask. 

So verdict:

stay away from it.

If you still want it, you are welcome to get it from me. I'm selling this for USD $5. Maximum use : 10 times (finger lightly dip in it)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Surviving British Summer - laneige power essential skin ex rules

 This summer is driving my absolutely up the wall. I am barely surviving because of the heat. i know it is nothing compare to Hong Kong, but still, my skin went riot and I need to change my routine completely.

I'll split this summer special skincare review bits by bits, I'll write a specific product I tried this summer (since the heatwave started) and review them.

First.. is my saviour.. without this. My skin will give me bums, pimples, etc. 

Laneige Power Essential Skin EX

What's this?
It is difficult to explain. I was given this my a friend and later pruchase it for a different purpose. My friend gave this when I asked her to CP me a toner. I bought this to use as a toner mask. But this summer, I am using this as a moisturiser. Can I just say this is multi-purpose then?

I paid around $160 HKD, which is £13.5/$20USD
Sasa.com selling this for $149.00, which is $19 USD
Yesstyle.com is selling this including International mail (to anywhere in the world) for USD $49.00

How to use:
put some on a cotton and whip your face with it.
Alternatively, buy some dry paper mask and soak the toner up and have a toner mask in the morning :)

My verdict:
As a toner mask, it works. i love the smell and the feel, and my face feels refreshing. It is rather cheap and doesn't hurt the bank. i started using this as a toner mask since 2007, when I was really poor and I can only afford toner mask (there's no My beauty diary masks available then..)

I only discover this as a moisturiser this summer because nothing works on me anymore. Anything I put on which is vaguely called 'moisturiser' (you name it... JuJu moisturising gel, Boots Vanishing Cream..) they just become oil and stick on my skin.. and S had lots of problem to put the eye shield on for me at night because my face is soo oily that the tapes does not stick.

So I need to seek another way to moisturize and thought I'll just put some 'thicker' texture toner  as moisturizer and hope the best. And this works.. skin immediately stop having red spots, pimples etc

Laneige is my summer saviour for now. I run out of IPSA metabolizer but don't want to spend money to haul IPSA to UK ($80 USDDDDDDD)... so I'm digging out everything I had and try again..

Will talk about the other products that work next post....


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