Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halo girls... back from the surgery

do you miss me?

Hiya, I'm back!!! I have had some good rest throughout the week, including my mom and bro calling me to make sure i stay off internet. If you are on twitter you know that I've been twitting even 5 mins after the op. but hey, I can see and now has 20/20 vision.

I want to blog about my experience before i forgot. If you ever think about geting laser surgery you can consider after my own experience

I arrived at the clinic with the football match, France vs South Africa on. I was the first one that afternoon so the nurses all came out watching the match. We had a bit of chat so everything went smoothly.

 I won't bore you the details how they zap me 8 times but everything went ok, and it was painless. The aftermath is I ended up with swollen eyes and need to wear eyeshield for 2 weeks. Please stop laughing after you look at this pic.

My first night after surgery. Very swollen eyes (is lack of sleep) and with eye shield to prevent me from rubbing my eyes at night (yes, is Hello Kitty Pyjamas)

That's me next day up and ready to for my check-up. Top from Bread and butter and my green leggings from Taobao hehe

The worst thing that no one talks about are the eyedrops. This is what I got after a week, my left eye is a bit inflamed so I got given more eye drops

And that's me after 1 week. Still wearing my sunglasses, and I had too much time so everything I wore there comes from the internet which I ordered within 1 week.

Top : Fred perry top (1/2 price) with a black skirt from Urban Outfitters
Bag: Vivienne Westwood Green Tartan Orb (courtesy of ebay) with receipt bought from genuine VW shop
Iphone case: Paperchase, is a colourful butterfly case which I love. (but looking at the Sena Wallet case hmmm)

I promise my next blog will be beauty related...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye online world.. We'll see each other again... soon

Today is the day I have my eye surgery. no idea if it'll be a success (yes everyone says it'll be but I'm scared to death) I wave goodbye to you until my eyes can see.

Before my surgery been doing shopping (we love shopping) to prepare myself of the next few days

  • ready made meal, no brainer meal that you can just put in microwave and ready to eat
  • face wipes. As no water can go into your eyes, you can wash your face
  • no makeup for 2 weeks. (I wanna ask can I at least wear concealer?)
  • extra painkillers
  • tidy the flat. to make sure only cats are the only obstacle from room to kitchen or toilet
so off I go now.. We'll see each other soon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CP Fr Hong Kong and my little business

I'm the cutest cat in the world by Mui Chu

so continuing on my haul.. I recently asked a friend to help out to get two pieces of clothing from a local Hong kong brand called th. 

they managed to get the copyright of Creamy Mami, a famous cartoon from my era hehe
so this is what i got...
  Creamy Mami t-shirt

On the label, it also has the stickers :) and oh my god... it is even cuter with the prints

also got this little dress

the ribbon makes it sooo cute... I couldn't resist the tempation not getting this

So my business...

I actually run an online business outside the blogasphere. I help people to CP stuff back to Hong Kong  and been working for over 1 year now. Some of my customers found this blog so I may just speak here.

I mainly CP anything (from t-shirts, vivienne westwood shoes, to even facial machines, and a greenhouse) to anywhere in the world, but I focus on helping Hong Kong customers. And this is my company website:

I am also looking to expand the business by offering CP from Hong Kong and other places around the world. And primarily, Japan, Korea, USA, China and Malaysia. If anyone is looking for some business experience and opportunity, please let me know.

I need someone who are good at internet shopping, have a bank account and good at fashion for this job. (Some space at home to store items is a bonus) This can be either dealing with customers from where you are, or helping to stock whatever the customer need. I now have someone from Hong Kong so if you are any of the above region, feel free to contact me direct at eve@loveeveltd.com

Although the website is primarily in Chinese, don't worry, most of our customers speak English so language is not a problem.

The business is definitely expanding and hence I'm delegating this business out more.

So this is my little blurb abt my business.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taobao haul - real size Hello Kitty handbag

I just did a massive Taobao haul last week. Taobao? what's taobao. It is the China version of ebay, but rather than bidding, it is like online shops (so more towards the Gmarket concept). I need some red pockets for my wedding and some practice exercise for my JLPT exams in Dec. when it is only £2 per book compare to £16, you know where i want to buy them

I might one day write a guide on how to taobao... rather complicated especially you are from overseas. Taobao is strictly a Chinese only website and although it is only open to the China region customers, there's a way getting round that problem and buy super cheap goods.

picture heavy, here it goes

 Who doesn't fall for this gorgeous Hello Kitty Handbag? It is made of shiny plastic wire and crystals...
It is one of its kind... they have purple, pink, and yellow in colour and different sizes as well. Mine is between a medium and large (60cm)

A jill stuart inspired dress in Chiffon. I really can't say no for this.. cost of £15.

A pair of camelia sandals and some redpockets for our wedding (I think is around £7 for both?)
A Black Camelia Print handbag (roughly £30)
 see I love Camelia...

I also hauled from Hong Kong with the help with a friend... and I'll talk about my little business that I run behind this blog as well (it is all about hauling)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cosmetic surgery? Laser eye surgery - consultation day

 Goodbye to glasses and hello to circle lens?

Anygirls here are short-sighted, long sighted and with axis? I am short-sighted since the age of 6 and it doesn't get any worse. I'm a -10.5 with axis and basically I go blind with I don't wear glasses. It is so bad that i can't play with circle lens as they're just not strong enough for my eyes.

Reason why i do this post is so that anyone out there thinking of laser surgery can be more informative. not many post is dedicated over the pre-consultation, and despite the high successful rate, the internet is filled with horror stories. I find it a bit despressing that always the negative wins over the positive. How many stories we read about preventive jabs are great  but the horror stories about how painful it is?

My first impression was the sales pitch of these clinics. If you search, many clinics offer different kind of discount. Half price, referral etc. However, one needs to take care of is fixed price policy. The price shouldn't fluctuated because you have a higher prescriptions. But the price should be the same to anyone if it is a -1 to -10. Why? there's no difference to the techniques they used, after care. A flap to the eye still need to be created and the laser still need to go there and burn some tissue off.

I went with the one I know of. It is a clinic that is round the corner to my university and it's been there since 2003 (that branch at least) it is still there now so I have no problem finding where it is. The clinic is hmm fashionable shall i say? free hot drinks, relaxing chairs, cute sales great advisor and optician who knows their job.

I was given a 2 hour appointment because of  my high prescriptions and a need of further testing to see my suitability to IoL. the easy test, all involve shining super bright light on your eye, a puff test (its a bit like blowing sudden air to your eye) and various balloon watching test determine your current eye prescription. I was then lead to a qualified eye surgeron for further testing.

My drops that numb my eye
Then I do further eye testing to see what prescription I need. then the moment of truth. Numbing your eye and poking eye test....
My doctor put some yellow drops to my eye, which is the same they'll use on the day to numb my eye... then further testing can be continued. I saw a poking instrument, I asked 'are you going to poke my eye?' She said, 'No...' with hesitation.

 Unsure when she poked my eye but she did and i didn't even know. That numbing medicine rocks!

So the verdict, which the doctor explained in details... 

  1. my prescribtion is still do-able under laser but not IoL
  2. I have thicker cornea meaning that usually in my case I am not consider as borderlin case, but I have plenty of tissue to burn, and if my eye-sight is not corrected to 100%, they can still operate on me again
  3. My eyes are in an odd shape that is oval rather than a sphere shape. That means there's not enough room for lens insertation and I'm not suitable for that procedure
  4. I cannot use the latest technology which is called wavelength because it will take away more tissues. Doctor think is best to use the simpliest method and give me a chance if a further corrective operation is needed
Then I was whisked to the sales person. now, be careful, they are sales.. They don't care if you're just there for fun or serious. All they want to do is to get you booked in so that you can't say no. I am now booked in for a surgery two weeks from now, but I have asked them to call me again to decide then. You must think of as many excuse why you are not up for it at that little room where the sale is spining their pencil... 'I need to arrange someone to pick me up and hence they need to take a holiday' is a good excuse. 'I might be able to pay in full but need to just check if I can withdraw from my fixed deposit' is another good one.

For me, there's nothing to say no. I'm -10.5 and I am totally blind. In fact, my eye test is all free because of my high prescription, I'm just a little step away from calling myself disabled.

So I have booked in to have a laser surgery in 1 week. There's a long list to do... I'll be working my butt off from now

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Primer as base review - part 1

Today's is thursday and I suppose to be meeting up girls for a makeup shopping spree. Unfortunately, this has been cancelled so I arrange an eye-appointment instead.

After the total realisation that I changed in skin-tone, I'm desperate for foundation yet not wanting to spend my money away (I got a super huge bill of tax to pay off, and just paid my wedding photographers etc) I'm now using Primer as foundation, with a top-up of Shu Uemura Loose Powder in 7YR

You might think, if you use primer as foundation, can it cover up the scar? Actually, that's where concealer comes from... because I use primer just to even out my skintone, I have no worries about the shade of foundations if it match me or not.

Shu Uemura UV Under base Fluid in Medium Beige

I first got hold of this from a swap with Jennifer. When using as a base, I don't see it particular helpful to make the foundation stay longer, but it helps with even out skin tone and make your skin illuminate. It has been sitting in the bottom of my makeup bag for a long time but since it's Shu, i just keep it.

So when recently i run out of foundation option... i dug this out again. Unlike my other primer such as Maybelline Angelfit, this even out skintone. Wearing this on its own helps, and top up with Loose powder and concealer, I'm good to go.
 A swatch on hand

Another useful point of using primer is that, when you're in the sun and you need to top up your sunscreen every 2 hours.. if you use foundation, is likely you need to take them off and apply fresh. With primer, You just top it up as it is and blush on loose power. Fresh face again :)
You might wonder if wearing such primer on its own has a different to wearing foundation. Of course it does! I much much prefer a perfect foundation as it evens out all my imperfection more.. but since I'm skint for now, i decided to work on anything I got and make the best use of it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

From NC35 -> Nc25 my exp getting lighter skin


It's been a long time since I did a beauty post :) i thought I'll share a little bit of my whitening secret.
i have commented about my skin looks lighter, in fact many of my foundations doesn't really work now. i have been trying to get a more even skin tone. i'm not the type that try to get whiter skin for the sake of it, but i have two main problem. My face and my neck shade is at least 2-3 shade apart. My neck is a lot lighter than my face, and I'm trying to get it more even. Second is my right hand part of my face has been getting lot of pimple scar last year, and leave a few scars. I try to even out the scar so that I don't need to wear concealer over that part.

I cannot pin point which product helps to lighten my skin but these are the products that I use that say it helps skin whitening

IPSA Metabolizer EX4

this is a moisturizing lotion, combining the function of toner and moisturizer in one. I think the texture is more like a light emulsion. This has anti-aging and whitening properties, and the most important of all, this is the only moistuizer that helps my skin to go oil-free in those days in Hong Kong.

It has a very light texture, and I'm quite happy about it. This is the most moisturizing version you can get, but it doesn't really work in winter. I have been using this since October.

You can purchase this from Bobodave, or ask some of the online shop that can help with a CP. The cheapest is actually to get it in Hong Kong. Cost me $550? in HKD,  which is nearly £50. But it is 100ml...

 Sana Soy whitening serum

I mentioned this before in this post.

So roughly the combination of these two porducts helps me from NC 35 to NC 25. 

 On another note, I'll be meeting Jamilla and Jennifer this thurs as Jennifer is back in London again. We'll hit the counter in Selfridges!! yeah!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wedding photography in Japan (for English speaker)

 Photo taken by Rankin

This is part of my Bridezilla series :)

readers! readers! I just want to say thank you to everyone who is reading this blog. I recently got emails on a daily basis  asking questions and just saying hi which I am very grateful. those who are on twitter, getting my daily dose of twits know that my heart has flew to japan for various reasons. 

i thought I'll share some of my research on getting wedding/engagement photography in Japan.

1. How to choose, studio/location:
Basically, they are separated into two categories. Wedding day photography and also Engagement photography. Both self-explanatory.  Many engagement photography happens in a studio. And there are some called Location photography which is outside the studio.

I find there are more studio engagement photography in Tokyo compare to other places.  And if you want more natural photos, I recommend Location photography.

Location photographer generally are free-lancer from my research. Therefore, you need to sort out your own dress on the day. Some studio wedding photographers do location photography but they are generally more expensive. 

Studio photography:

They are one of the best in Japan and no doubt they will take care of you.

2.Free-lancer or not?
I personally prefer free-lancer, as becoming free-lance meant that they're really good at what they're doing. I prefer the personal touch, the face to face communication with them.
Studio is better for those who need a more inclusive service, i.e. dress hire, makeup, transportation etc.

One of the freelancer photographer I asked. (he speaks English and very reasonable price if you're in Tokyo and surrounding area


3. Package
One of the most important question to ask is how many photos you will take and how many they will edit. Many would just say they will take i.e 100-400 photos and pick 20%-50% of the photos for further editing.There are package that includes makeup, dress, and perhaps transportation. Be sure to read everything what is included or not and pick what suits you.

4. What is not included?
If you are doing location photography, the transport between 1 place to another is not included. Some package will tell you how many location you can do and some say not.
The other is printing more photos afterwards. I will advise if you want to pick the package that includes as many photos as you can, then you won't regret later.
If you go with freelancer photographer, you'll need to arrange 'everything' yourself. Make up, hair styling. They can recommend a makeup artist for you in most of the cases.

One of the more exclusive studio based in Fuji City (where you can take the photos of Mount Fuji) all inclusive with dress, makeup, accessories etc. Shame I just don't have time to do it.
Photo Office Rose

5. Album or DVD?
Nowadays, you can choose if you want it to be make into an album style or just print it yourself. I prefer to get everything in DVD because I do print my own album if necessary. And it is difficult to reprint from photos. Many photographers never give you high-res photos and keep it for their own sake. Because if you want to reprint, you must contat them and they can charge further. Therefore, I will definitely ask for high rest photo copy rather than an album style

Kentaro Mishima
He is based in Kyoto and has been very accommodating. He even includes transportation and change of clothes in between location without charge!

That's all from me. Hope it'll help some bridezilla out there

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what shall i do with my foundation? and apopofkawai launch

It's a rollercoaster since I last posted. Wedding and other things has been happening. A few of my twitter bloggers know a big big news that I received last week, which I'll keep under wrap for now as there are quite a few things to do before i can annouce it.

Just a quickie to say. Nic nic from bang bang she shoots has launched her makeup site.. hehe, I already got a long list of item to send her , and hence my title post.

Remember i said I gone a shade lighter? well.. in fact it is 2 shade lighter than all my foundations except those I purchase in Hong kong doesn't suit. The only thing that suits me is Canmake 3D Foundation in 03, and Jil Stuart 103 (it is very light but still... it is better suited than others)

I need a recommendation for a foundation that suits a NC25.. any??


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