Thursday, June 17, 2010

CP Fr Hong Kong and my little business

I'm the cutest cat in the world by Mui Chu

so continuing on my haul.. I recently asked a friend to help out to get two pieces of clothing from a local Hong kong brand called th. 

they managed to get the copyright of Creamy Mami, a famous cartoon from my era hehe
so this is what i got...
  Creamy Mami t-shirt

On the label, it also has the stickers :) and oh my god... it is even cuter with the prints

also got this little dress

the ribbon makes it sooo cute... I couldn't resist the tempation not getting this

So my business...

I actually run an online business outside the blogasphere. I help people to CP stuff back to Hong Kong  and been working for over 1 year now. Some of my customers found this blog so I may just speak here.

I mainly CP anything (from t-shirts, vivienne westwood shoes, to even facial machines, and a greenhouse) to anywhere in the world, but I focus on helping Hong Kong customers. And this is my company website:

I am also looking to expand the business by offering CP from Hong Kong and other places around the world. And primarily, Japan, Korea, USA, China and Malaysia. If anyone is looking for some business experience and opportunity, please let me know.

I need someone who are good at internet shopping, have a bank account and good at fashion for this job. (Some space at home to store items is a bonus) This can be either dealing with customers from where you are, or helping to stock whatever the customer need. I now have someone from Hong Kong so if you are any of the above region, feel free to contact me direct at

Although the website is primarily in Chinese, don't worry, most of our customers speak English so language is not a problem.

The business is definitely expanding and hence I'm delegating this business out more.

So this is my little blurb abt my business.


  1. A phd, a cp business and a cupcake business. Wow You are the master of all trades. =) x

  2. hey yinnie, I'm not a master. In Chinese saying, i'm just a half bucket of water

  3. You are just an amazing person aren't you!?
    Wow definitely someone i look up to. You are always so full of inspiration~

  4. hi bunnyface
    it is amazing of how things have turned. started this CP thing only because I was low on work, and simply making use of what I have. be daring to try out!

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