Monday, June 7, 2010

From NC35 -> Nc25 my exp getting lighter skin


It's been a long time since I did a beauty post :) i thought I'll share a little bit of my whitening secret.
i have commented about my skin looks lighter, in fact many of my foundations doesn't really work now. i have been trying to get a more even skin tone. i'm not the type that try to get whiter skin for the sake of it, but i have two main problem. My face and my neck shade is at least 2-3 shade apart. My neck is a lot lighter than my face, and I'm trying to get it more even. Second is my right hand part of my face has been getting lot of pimple scar last year, and leave a few scars. I try to even out the scar so that I don't need to wear concealer over that part.

I cannot pin point which product helps to lighten my skin but these are the products that I use that say it helps skin whitening

IPSA Metabolizer EX4

this is a moisturizing lotion, combining the function of toner and moisturizer in one. I think the texture is more like a light emulsion. This has anti-aging and whitening properties, and the most important of all, this is the only moistuizer that helps my skin to go oil-free in those days in Hong Kong.

It has a very light texture, and I'm quite happy about it. This is the most moisturizing version you can get, but it doesn't really work in winter. I have been using this since October.

You can purchase this from Bobodave, or ask some of the online shop that can help with a CP. The cheapest is actually to get it in Hong Kong. Cost me $550? in HKD,  which is nearly £50. But it is 100ml...

 Sana Soy whitening serum

I mentioned this before in this post.

So roughly the combination of these two porducts helps me from NC 35 to NC 25. 

 On another note, I'll be meeting Jamilla and Jennifer this thurs as Jennifer is back in London again. We'll hit the counter in Selfridges!! yeah!


  1. Ohhhh, thanks for the info! I've been looking to lighten my skin! :D

  2. I'm in the opposite situation, my face is about a shade or 2 lighter than my neck and body >__< Do you know of anything that could help me lighten my neck/body? lol

    Thanks for the tips though ^__^

  3. haha the neck shade difference, i totally know what you mean!
    I don't think i can afford ipsa such an expensive brand =[
    But I am gonna check out the Sana soy whitening serum you mentioned. Thanks =]

  4. hi Mandy,
    about neck and body. it really depends on where? is it your shoulder shade that is the same as the nect but your face shade is lighter? I think first to do is always whenever you go out to put on sunscreen if SPF 25 (which is for daily use) doesn't work, then put on something higher.
    People in asia carry UV umbrella and at their best try to wear long sleeves. I think Uniqlo now has a UV Filter range of clothing which you can have a look

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  6. ohh im glad this is working out for you... i think i tend to forget putting spf on my neck which as important as the face IMO.. i think my neck is probably darker but i never bother to notice.. perhaps i should lol



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