Thursday, June 10, 2010

Primer as base review - part 1

Today's is thursday and I suppose to be meeting up girls for a makeup shopping spree. Unfortunately, this has been cancelled so I arrange an eye-appointment instead.

After the total realisation that I changed in skin-tone, I'm desperate for foundation yet not wanting to spend my money away (I got a super huge bill of tax to pay off, and just paid my wedding photographers etc) I'm now using Primer as foundation, with a top-up of Shu Uemura Loose Powder in 7YR

You might think, if you use primer as foundation, can it cover up the scar? Actually, that's where concealer comes from... because I use primer just to even out my skintone, I have no worries about the shade of foundations if it match me or not.

Shu Uemura UV Under base Fluid in Medium Beige

I first got hold of this from a swap with Jennifer. When using as a base, I don't see it particular helpful to make the foundation stay longer, but it helps with even out skin tone and make your skin illuminate. It has been sitting in the bottom of my makeup bag for a long time but since it's Shu, i just keep it.

So when recently i run out of foundation option... i dug this out again. Unlike my other primer such as Maybelline Angelfit, this even out skintone. Wearing this on its own helps, and top up with Loose powder and concealer, I'm good to go.
 A swatch on hand

Another useful point of using primer is that, when you're in the sun and you need to top up your sunscreen every 2 hours.. if you use foundation, is likely you need to take them off and apply fresh. With primer, You just top it up as it is and blush on loose power. Fresh face again :)
You might wonder if wearing such primer on its own has a different to wearing foundation. Of course it does! I much much prefer a perfect foundation as it evens out all my imperfection more.. but since I'm skint for now, i decided to work on anything I got and make the best use of it.

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