Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what shall i do with my foundation? and apopofkawai launch

It's a rollercoaster since I last posted. Wedding and other things has been happening. A few of my twitter bloggers know a big big news that I received last week, which I'll keep under wrap for now as there are quite a few things to do before i can annouce it.

Just a quickie to say. Nic nic from bang bang she shoots has launched her makeup site.. hehe, I already got a long list of item to send her , and hence my title post.

Remember i said I gone a shade lighter? well.. in fact it is 2 shade lighter than all my foundations except those I purchase in Hong kong doesn't suit. The only thing that suits me is Canmake 3D Foundation in 03, and Jil Stuart 103 (it is very light but still... it is better suited than others)

I need a recommendation for a foundation that suits a NC25.. any??


  1. If you're willing to splurge... Guerlain makes an excellent foundation. I wear 02 in their Parure Extreme and I'm also a JS 103, so I'm sure you'll suit it too. Its an amazing foundation, and one bottle will last you forever.

    If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, Bourjois Healthy Mix is my go-to foundation when I want a bit more dewiness (compared to Guerlain, which is matte but glowy). I'm a shade 03, but Jamilla was shade 02 and she was also MAC NC25 so its probably better to try it out in store. The formula is phenomenal =)

  2. I'm not sure where you are based the moment but I'm an NC25 and I love IPSA Essence-in liquid foundation in 102, though you can use 101 as well. I also use their Pure control Base in blue with that.
    Before that I used Leneige Skin veil foundation in shade 13 which I thought gave great coverage.
    The Bourjois Healthy Mix that Shelia mentions is also good though I think it's a little heavy...

  3. thanks lazy A!
    I used IPSA before, think I was 103, but i'll definitely try 101/102 this time round.
    I wish I have more of a yellow based tone foundation available in London



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