Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rant rant rant (and dun click unless u want to be in trouble)

You might think I'm crazy. I think I am too. Indeed, when the majority of the family are on the cyber space (yes, you dad.. you peep my twitter and possibly be linked here, now go away) You feel that you cant say what you like before you realised they're peeping.

I did a few blogs that I rant and talked about my life, and all been closed down by S. Yes, he demanded that. His family is a very modern family that make technology pays them money so he feels that blogging is evil. I need a blog post to get a few things off my chest. so beauty product review is on hold, at least at this moment.

Stop reading if you don't want to see the evil Eve. That's deep down true evil (but if you're nosey carry on!!)

Recently realising that I have only 6 months before my big day, for some funny reasons, all the old ex-s and enemies decided to wave hi!! on cyberspace. I know there's at least 5 people who share the same name (both first and family name) and hey.. you managed to find me... now in an interesting turn to their life... this is what I discovered:

1) ex- No. (I dun know how to number.. say No. 1?) got married with a girl who I think all the way was to marry for immigration purpose. Had a daughter a year ago and sadly his father passed away.
 Are we talking to each other? no. coz he called be the 'BIATCH'.

please. you're welcome to hit me when you see me in town, but you decided not to. Remember when I saw you last time? You decided to be a coward and dug your head deep into your noodles.

2) ex- no 2. you're old. Sorry.. if I know you'll look like this now, I surely won't go out with you in the first place

3) ex- no.3 became a PPC (Prospective parliamentary candidate) . his seat is not even endorsed by his party as a targeted seat (meaning not much money will be spent and he'll possibly be crying everyday)

'where's my leaflet? sorry they can't be printed coz we dun have money for colour prints, how's black and white and here's an inkjet printer'.

I secretly planned a memoir of mine if he ever get elected. Publisher please enquire of this lucrative book deal (lol)

4) ex- no. 4 split up with his girl, and decided to be a loser (they're called the Snail 蝸婚族 in Chinese slang). still living in with an ex- and sharing the same flat. I seems to know more of these losers these days

You know, when you split, you should just move on.I generally sent them a bill of all my stuff that I left behind and asked to be sent back by registered delivery. I did this to a guy who can't afford to pay registered delivery. So I agreed to meet him in a very busy station, whack him with the bag that filled with my stuff and left him puzzled to what happened while I disappeared into the crowd

5) ex- No. 5 split up with me coz I found out he wrote his will (yes... how to split his only asset.  a paint brush anyone?) dedicated to another girl whom he has fallen in love way before me. the other girl concerned got married and guess what. He was not invited despite he called themselves 'best' friend. In chinese saying, he sulked coz 'Groom is not me' 新郎不是我

6) ok a friend. (not an ex- woohoo) got married at 7 months pregnant. wore a extremely bulky wedding dress at the registration. Everyone knows what is going on, just show your bump!

rant over. happy eve move on to her depressing PhD

Saturday, April 24, 2010

paul and joe UT T-shirt (bought in London)

To all London beauty bloggers. Uniqlo x Cosmetic Brand UT shirt is now in store in the flagship store on Oxford street (students get 10% off as well)

screenshot from Uniqlo JP site... they're all sold out

Reading that all paul and joe UT shirt is out of stock in Japan, my lovely bro (who works in Uniqlo) inform me that the London flagship store has stocked them (the one opposite to House of Fraser). He's unsure whether the other stores has them.. but he said unlikely

How are you resist not buying a t-shirt with the famous pattern from Paul and joe beaute? when it is only £12.99?

the label on the t-shirt

another t-shirt I snapped up. I'm really happy with the design, not just because it is cute, but because it is long t-shirt, you can wear this with leggings  rather than jeans/skirts. More style can be created with these Long Paul and Joe T-shirt

My bro insisted I need to buy this. I'm still considering if I should get the green version as well

Another label explaing what is Paul and Joe Beaute, but we all know don't we??

If anyone want to buy, I need to say the size are smaller than the usual Uniqlo size. for a size 8/10, I need to buy Medium to fit. I think coz they're imported as Asia version, the size are smaller than the usual EU uniqlo size

Also, the Canmake UT shirt is also instore on Oxford street, but I don't see the appeal to them (and other such as Vogue). if you are going, the women's collection is on the first floor, to the right of the escalator. It is behind the rest of the UT shirt, in front of the jeans session. Other UT shirt, such as Canmake, is hide underneath the Paul and Joe Collection.

They are not available online via Uniqlo UK, so you must go in and check it out yourself :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shiseido Eye Creator 763 (just pics)

beautiful beautiful beautiful. is my words for it.

I hesitated between this and another pink neutral colour but in the end, the LE (in big blinky sign) wins me over

In it's actual glory.. the true shade

Rather than talking about how good and easy to use. Picture says it all. The way to apply is from left top and work it clockwise. First the base, then eye lid, highlight the middle of the eye lid, eye liner and the corner

Another picture from my own camera.... meow... its pretty

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheap and Cheerful - Hong Kong Brand Choi Fung

We all been hauling like mad from Hong Kong sites such as Adambeauty and Gooddealer, who stocks just basically everything from East Asia. I always wonder, is there a local Hong Kong brand. Jennifer might shout at me on this, because she actually took me to see this brand last year when I met up with her, but I thought nothing much as first, I don't know it is a HK Brand, secondly, my head was still trying to understand why Korean brand is so cheap.

Anyway, introducing this Hong Kong local brand, the company who produces it is called Choi Fung. which started around just under 10 years ago and focus on supplying to larger quantites to facial salon etc. Their most famous product is actually Sugar cane shower, for 1L it is only (take a deep breath girls), $2 USD. no kidding, 2 USD for 1L

I want to focus on their skincare products as I picked up some to try on.

First, the Hydrating gel

What is this?
H20 Hydrating Gel

150ml (yes, that 3 times our usual moisturising gel size)

$150 (roughly $19 USD)

My verdict:
stock it up! according to site, it just contains everything. Kiwi extract, apple extract, Cactus extract, collagen, Hydraulic Acid, Vitamin B5
This is as comparable as H2O+ hydrating gel, which is cost $34 USD for just 50ml. THe texture is the same, absolutely the same. There's no scent to it.
Since there's so much in this 150ml, you're more than welcome to use it just like laneige sleeping mask, splash it on your face and use it as facial mask.
You can also use is as a makeup base to moisturise your face. Multi-purpose baby
I couldn't fault anything about this moisturizer. I nearly bought Dr Ci:Labo Aqua collegen gel, but the price and the 'dupe'-ness of this to h2o+ completely blows me away

the samples I got from buying in Choi Fung

Another product to review, but I'll keep it short as I had put it back to shelf. This is a cleansing oil that takes off makeup just like any other cleansing oil. i think I've been spoilt by Shu and Fancl for too long. After washing off the cleansing oil, a oily film remains on my skin and need to be washed away by another cleanser (in this case, I used Dove soap). The only good point is that it takes away my MM mascara, I soak the cleansing oil with cotton and take off my mascara without problem. Price wise: 200ml for $23, which is around $3USD

How to buy?

THis is the tricky part. They do not have any shop front on ground level meaning you need to know exactly where it is. We called these shops 'upstair shops'. You need to take the escalator in a certain building and walk into their outlet. so please check their website for their address in HK.
If you live in HK, you can take their free delivery offer as well

I am considering doing a group order from this company if anyone is interested. Just drop me a comment and I'll get back to you

Friday, April 16, 2010

Giveaway week 1! Beauty de Kose Snowflake compact

Spring has arrived, so does the flower of Snowflake!

Decided to give away this unused, 2007 LE edition of the Snowflake compact made by Kose.

The colour of Spring! contains 4 eyeshadows, and 4 lip colour. of course all is unused and brand new!!

The very cute fluffy case that wrapped it up!

Also, the crystal keychain on it.

Related blogspot by other beauty bloggers:

Rouge Deluxe

How to enter:

1. You must be my follower of this blog
2. please leave a comment to say who you are briefly, and where you are from
3. Each follower + comment gains an entry to the prize draw. Which will end in 3 weeks from now, 7th May 2010, at 00:00 GMT

You can also put in additional entry by:
a. Blog this giveaway entry in your blog as a separate entry. MUST BE SEPARATE. If you create just a general giveaway post including this giveaway link and others, this will be not be accepted
b. Twit this link on twitter, and putting @dreve0317 so that I know you have twitted this
c. spread the news on Facebook by sharing this Link

once you have either blog/twit/FB this giveaway, you can create a new comment and put down that you have FB/blog/twit this. If you have blog plus twit this giveaway, PLEASE create a separate comment each time. For example, you have twit plus FB this giveaway then create 2  comments. I'll be using random generator therefore if you didn't put your additional entry separately, I won't be able to count you in

Remember, you have until 7th May to enter this giveaway. A very special LE palette by Kose!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Giveaway coming! And freebies

Big annoucement.

I'm going to do a giveaway in these few days. This including, bihada Face mask (LE), DHC lip balm (never been used), Lancome eye shadows, Platinum My Beauty Diaries Face masks etc...

These are just giveaway prizes. At the same time, i'll be posting many swatched once/twice Beauty items and clothing for swapping/snapping at the price of USD $1

My home is too cluttered that I must get rid of stuff... so photos and stay tune

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

surprise whitening product - Sana Soya Arbutin essence

surprised product of the day. Sana soya Whitening serum

This year.. i decided that I need whitening products. I have no been using  whitening products for the last 4 years (yes non of my skincare have whitening properties. unless i need them to lighten the acne scar) and this year, I know I need it.

My face and neck is in two different shade. My neck has a lighter shade to my face, and hence if I match my foundation to my face. it looks dark. I need to match to my neck colour to even it out. I wanted to get rid of this two tone thing so I decided to find something to try.

I saw this at Citysuper (but available at SASA) at a cost of $99 (USD $13) I remembered it had good review so I snapped it up.

And I tell you girls, it works! even for 2 weeks I use it it works....


Sana Arbutin Soya Essence (Whitening)

Where to buy:
Sasa, they have the whole range from cleansing to moisturizer

USD $13-ish

How to apply (tricky):
It says to apply after moisturizer or emulsion. The reason is... it is very hard to spread across the skin. You really need your skin to still be wet when you apply the essence so that it will slide across well. I use AmileAmila's Rose emulsion (such a great buy!!!) and straight after to apply this essence.

It simply works.
I am officially a NC 25 (from NC 30)

I still remember playing at the MAC counter and doing swatched and beliving i was a NC 30 when I left london in march. Yesterday when i left for sydney, I tried again. Remember the SA in HK told me, my hand colour is darker than face. I tried NC 25 on face... wow!!! perfect match!!!

My perfect shade are:
Can Make foundation 03
Jill Stuart 103
Shiseido Maquillage OC20 (new edition foundation only)
These are foundations I bought in HK since applying this essence. I always thought I need the darkest, but it is wrong. I am now one shade lighter, but not yet to my neck colour (so my neck is NC20???)

I'll give you more progress report after maybe 3 months (but then Summer will hit us and I'll be darker very very soon)

Being a cupcake lady... I made 250 cupcakes in HK for an anniversary event. And here's my proud cupcakes altogether

(hehe, realised I haven't show my face for a long time.. I had a perm for wedding purpose.. looks a bit more mature)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cupcake creation

I made this for my best friend's sister's wedding. Tiffany colour scheme, and managed to made the top cake with some ribbons with it.

It was a great wedding. Bride is absolutely beautiful. food is great!

a mini-pre run to what it'll be like in mine


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