Wednesday, April 7, 2010

surprise whitening product - Sana Soya Arbutin essence

surprised product of the day. Sana soya Whitening serum

This year.. i decided that I need whitening products. I have no been using  whitening products for the last 4 years (yes non of my skincare have whitening properties. unless i need them to lighten the acne scar) and this year, I know I need it.

My face and neck is in two different shade. My neck has a lighter shade to my face, and hence if I match my foundation to my face. it looks dark. I need to match to my neck colour to even it out. I wanted to get rid of this two tone thing so I decided to find something to try.

I saw this at Citysuper (but available at SASA) at a cost of $99 (USD $13) I remembered it had good review so I snapped it up.

And I tell you girls, it works! even for 2 weeks I use it it works....


Sana Arbutin Soya Essence (Whitening)

Where to buy:
Sasa, they have the whole range from cleansing to moisturizer

USD $13-ish

How to apply (tricky):
It says to apply after moisturizer or emulsion. The reason is... it is very hard to spread across the skin. You really need your skin to still be wet when you apply the essence so that it will slide across well. I use AmileAmila's Rose emulsion (such a great buy!!!) and straight after to apply this essence.

It simply works.
I am officially a NC 25 (from NC 30)

I still remember playing at the MAC counter and doing swatched and beliving i was a NC 30 when I left london in march. Yesterday when i left for sydney, I tried again. Remember the SA in HK told me, my hand colour is darker than face. I tried NC 25 on face... wow!!! perfect match!!!

My perfect shade are:
Can Make foundation 03
Jill Stuart 103
Shiseido Maquillage OC20 (new edition foundation only)
These are foundations I bought in HK since applying this essence. I always thought I need the darkest, but it is wrong. I am now one shade lighter, but not yet to my neck colour (so my neck is NC20???)

I'll give you more progress report after maybe 3 months (but then Summer will hit us and I'll be darker very very soon)

Being a cupcake lady... I made 250 cupcakes in HK for an anniversary event. And here's my proud cupcakes altogether

(hehe, realised I haven't show my face for a long time.. I had a perm for wedding purpose.. looks a bit more mature)


  1. good to hear it works! no need to spend $$ on it :D

    wowwww you must make good cupcakes! mmmm

  2. NC25? You've faded! It must be working!

    Those cupcakes are amazing!

  3. i was planning to get some sana arbutin products from sasa. good to hear that it works :)

  4. 人生的光榮,不在永不失敗,而在於能夠屢仆屢起。 ..................................................

  5. incredible! you bake those tarts * yummmyy
    i need whitening products too!!
    my brown spots are horrible ;( so obvious!!
    gotta lighten themm..i'll try sana!!



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