Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shiseido Eye Creator 763 (just pics)

beautiful beautiful beautiful. is my words for it.

I hesitated between this and another pink neutral colour but in the end, the LE (in big blinky sign) wins me over

In it's actual glory.. the true shade

Rather than talking about how good and easy to use. Picture says it all. The way to apply is from left top and work it clockwise. First the base, then eye lid, highlight the middle of the eye lid, eye liner and the corner

Another picture from my own camera.... meow... its pretty


  1. That is such a pretty palette, i think i saw it on Milly's blog once. i think it was hers. not sure. It is a beautiful palette. Have fun using it!

    I have the PK366 the pink neutral palette and so does my mum LOL!

  2. oh yay! i have this and until now i havent gotten around to touching it! hahaha the shells and stars are so adorable i wouldnt dare. hahaha! im lemming for the pink one too! :)

  3. nice photos! beauuutiful palette!
    gimme an EOTD
    maquillage this spring is gorgeous with silver matte packaging!

    thanks for droppin by me blog!

  4. i absolutely love shiseido eye creator! auntie got me one and i always use it. favourite eyeshadow palette

  5. i love the shells~ great post and blog! loving it...

  6. Just stumbled onto your blog. How do you like the pigmentation on these? I like shiseido skincare but not sure about the makeup.

  7. hi naturalnchicmakeup. The pigmentation is not as great as others perhaps because it is very netural colour.

    i like the maquillage line esp the face creator, but the Int' line offer is not as trendy in my opinion to the maquillage line

    I'm hating myself not getting the powder foundation from Maquillage.

  8. BE763 is gorgeous!!!! The word LE always tempts me too haha =D

  9. Wow, nice photos! They look professional, I could've been fooled :P



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