Saturday, April 24, 2010

paul and joe UT T-shirt (bought in London)

To all London beauty bloggers. Uniqlo x Cosmetic Brand UT shirt is now in store in the flagship store on Oxford street (students get 10% off as well)

screenshot from Uniqlo JP site... they're all sold out

Reading that all paul and joe UT shirt is out of stock in Japan, my lovely bro (who works in Uniqlo) inform me that the London flagship store has stocked them (the one opposite to House of Fraser). He's unsure whether the other stores has them.. but he said unlikely

How are you resist not buying a t-shirt with the famous pattern from Paul and joe beaute? when it is only £12.99?

the label on the t-shirt

another t-shirt I snapped up. I'm really happy with the design, not just because it is cute, but because it is long t-shirt, you can wear this with leggings  rather than jeans/skirts. More style can be created with these Long Paul and Joe T-shirt

My bro insisted I need to buy this. I'm still considering if I should get the green version as well

Another label explaing what is Paul and Joe Beaute, but we all know don't we??

If anyone want to buy, I need to say the size are smaller than the usual Uniqlo size. for a size 8/10, I need to buy Medium to fit. I think coz they're imported as Asia version, the size are smaller than the usual EU uniqlo size

Also, the Canmake UT shirt is also instore on Oxford street, but I don't see the appeal to them (and other such as Vogue). if you are going, the women's collection is on the first floor, to the right of the escalator. It is behind the rest of the UT shirt, in front of the jeans session. Other UT shirt, such as Canmake, is hide underneath the Paul and Joe Collection.

They are not available online via Uniqlo UK, so you must go in and check it out yourself :)


  1. Gorgeous!! You are so lucky to have inside connections!!

    My shopping trip was to Daiso for Japanese vegetable seeds (but I did get an eyeshadow palette).

  2. Need. These.

    I sort of rediscovered Uniqlo recently and decided I love their designs - easy and affordable.

    I am in London next week - will these t-shirts be avail from all Uni Qlo stores? xx



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