Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheap and Cheerful - Hong Kong Brand Choi Fung

We all been hauling like mad from Hong Kong sites such as Adambeauty and Gooddealer, who stocks just basically everything from East Asia. I always wonder, is there a local Hong Kong brand. Jennifer might shout at me on this, because she actually took me to see this brand last year when I met up with her, but I thought nothing much as first, I don't know it is a HK Brand, secondly, my head was still trying to understand why Korean brand is so cheap.

Anyway, introducing this Hong Kong local brand, the company who produces it is called Choi Fung. which started around just under 10 years ago and focus on supplying to larger quantites to facial salon etc. Their most famous product is actually Sugar cane shower, for 1L it is only (take a deep breath girls), $2 USD. no kidding, 2 USD for 1L

I want to focus on their skincare products as I picked up some to try on.

First, the Hydrating gel

What is this?
H20 Hydrating Gel

150ml (yes, that 3 times our usual moisturising gel size)

$150 (roughly $19 USD)

My verdict:
stock it up! according to site, it just contains everything. Kiwi extract, apple extract, Cactus extract, collagen, Hydraulic Acid, Vitamin B5
This is as comparable as H2O+ hydrating gel, which is cost $34 USD for just 50ml. THe texture is the same, absolutely the same. There's no scent to it.
Since there's so much in this 150ml, you're more than welcome to use it just like laneige sleeping mask, splash it on your face and use it as facial mask.
You can also use is as a makeup base to moisturise your face. Multi-purpose baby
I couldn't fault anything about this moisturizer. I nearly bought Dr Ci:Labo Aqua collegen gel, but the price and the 'dupe'-ness of this to h2o+ completely blows me away

the samples I got from buying in Choi Fung

Another product to review, but I'll keep it short as I had put it back to shelf. This is a cleansing oil that takes off makeup just like any other cleansing oil. i think I've been spoilt by Shu and Fancl for too long. After washing off the cleansing oil, a oily film remains on my skin and need to be washed away by another cleanser (in this case, I used Dove soap). The only good point is that it takes away my MM mascara, I soak the cleansing oil with cotton and take off my mascara without problem. Price wise: 200ml for $23, which is around $3USD

How to buy?

THis is the tricky part. They do not have any shop front on ground level meaning you need to know exactly where it is. We called these shops 'upstair shops'. You need to take the escalator in a certain building and walk into their outlet. so please check their website for their address in HK.
If you live in HK, you can take their free delivery offer as well

I am considering doing a group order from this company if anyone is interested. Just drop me a comment and I'll get back to you


  1. hehe now i wanna know what made you buy from this shop suddenly this time when you're in HK? :P

    i bought the same moisturizer for my bf, but it's in a tub rather than a bottle :) it's their number 2 best selling product or something like that!

    yeah they give out lots of samples, don't they?

    how are you going to group order from this company?? I don't know they ship internationally! my mom's workplace used to make a group order...those people...they all ordered the sugarcane shower gel lol. while i dont think that shower gel makes much of a difference, but my relatives were all raved about it..

  2. oh i forgot to mention that their Cucumber Freshening toner is worth checking out!!! only 25 HKD lol i'm so going to ditch my original toner soon...i.e. when i used them up. I bought this for Charles as well =)

    so you think their cleansing oil is no good, eh?

  3. The H20 Hydrating Gel looks super interesting!

  4. the H20 gel sounds good!

  5. ooo never heard of this brand! i shall have a look :)

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  7. i will try the sugar cane gel once i figure out how to order hahaha

  8. OMG, the H20 Hydrating Gel is soooo affordable!!! Dang, I want to get my paws on this too!



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