Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to London Part 1! (photos heavy!)

A friend arrived in London fr Japan, so I took him around. I thought I’ll as well just to post some pic for non-UK readers (or even you’re in London, hehe.. this is what a tourist do).

My friend stayed in Hostel 639
8GBP (11use) per night including breakfast (which is bread and tea/coffee) I didn’t know such a cheap place existed. It is next to Kensal Rise station and around 6 stations away from Central London/Piccadilly Circus.

British Museum:
(cloest metro: Tottenham court road or Russell Square)

Seeing a football match in Arsenal (closest tube: Arsenal/although I walked from Highbury and Islington station)

I look absolutely horrible because of the 6am pick up from heathrow(again only l'egere is used)

Now now.. I must do a bit of rant here. I never know unless you’re a football club fan, it is rather difficult to obtain a ticket if you just want to see a match. I managed to get 2 tickets via a friend with his Football club memebership, and if I didn’t have this contact, there’s absolutely no way a general public can see a live football match. Stupid system
Also, people arrive so early!I arrived 1 hour before the match and the stadium is already half-full! There’s roughly 60000 people in the stadium, so there’s so many different things you need to be aware on a match day. They closed at least 2 stations (exit only) and there’re 5 stations available for football fans to leave. There’s also one of the most ridiculous shop till/cashier system in the Arsenal souvenir shop. 1 girl on the cashier, 1 for security tag removal, and the other to bag your item or fold your shirt.

Westminster Abbey:

London Eye:

If you have only half-a-day then this is the must see. The view is absolutely beautiful up there, and even we went on a very wet day. You can see hamsptead quite clearly.

Big Ben:

Me in London Eye (For your information, only L’egere and concealer and lip balm is used. Nothing else. I’m just really really tired and the weather is too wet to put on anything)

The City:

Buckingham Palace:

That’s all

Wait. No more photos? Sorry girls. Me and my friend then went to STRADA (Italian restaurant) at the Royal National Theatre for food, and I was too tired and I went home. Maybe I’ll talk more about this trip later.

Shout out! For Bloggers in Asia:
Hi girls.. I will be going to Hong Kong in May then Beijing (early June) and Japan in Early July. I would love love love to meet some of the bloggers out there! I’ll probably email individually (nic nic! Yumeko! let me if you have time). Or if anyone are coming in to Hong Kong, I’ll be more than happy to show you around and be a tourist myself. (my best frd Martin is flying in, S will be there for the 1st two weeks as well). Just leave a comment or email me if you are interested.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I can’t wait to tell you abt this. L’egere Water Drop BB cream

Last post, I said I’m acquiring a few more BB cream, I have been looking at a new foundation but yet can’t resist trying more BB cream, thank god I didn’t have a craving for foundation (maybe I do!!!) but this L’egere is the 5th BB cream I’ve paid to try and use. I acquired this from the lovely Cosmetic Candy, and including in my package, there’s 2 L’egere Mineral powder, which surprised me. I thought I’m getting just 1 but she thrown in two. Thanks soo much. (I won’t talk about the Mineral powder because it is more of a rant.. later.. when I’m in a mood of ranting)

Ok, this is one of the BB cream that is so-called legitimately available online. So here’s your review


the bb cream

on my arm, I didn't blend it completely so that you can see the water drop and the shininess


£14.99 for 35ml from beautyeshop.co.uk

(halo? Why 35ml? why not 50ml? I know there’s 50ml version in HK. Gimme a 50ml!)


Hmm.. if I put it in a comparison chart it’ll be

Skinfood (thickest) > Missha Perfect > L’egere > Nanoce (Runniest)


None at all


Perfect! I’m a NC 30 and it fits perfectly


The whole reason why this won me over is the coverage. It is lasting and it covers what it needs to cover. Of course I need to tap a bit of concealer (Benefit Boi-ing). It really blends in perfectly and I hardly notice I wear a foundation. I did mention about getting the Laura Mercier Foundation because I want a foundation with coverage, meaning perfect shades and covering redness and hide some of the minor scar. This does all I want and therefore I give it a star star star.

It is long lasting as well. I have been testing this everyday for the last 5 days. (for the reason below). I never used a BB cream that is longer lasting than L’egere. I put it on at 9am, and re-apply a bit (not whole face!!) at 3pm. I used this today since 6am and re-apply at 3pm although it is washed off by the time I came home at 8.30pm, but I’m so far so pleased with it.

The other thing I’m pleased is I like to be as natural as possible. I feel I have been putting a bit too much make up recently. And This BB cream gave me the confidence to walk out, with only, this, concealer, mascara (or eyeliner) and Vaseline lip balm. By keeping things to the minimal, I hope to heal my skin after my hayfever/diaherrea/period/hot pot. This will be the travel pack I’ll pack (but I’ll slot in my Lunasol Palette hehe) in my luggage and travel as light as possible for my future trip.

Does it give you spots?

I think people stay away from BB cream because sometimes it blocks your pores and give you spot. I deliberately tried to put this BB cream on, and I can’t verify it WON’T give you spot. Everyday I put it on, I have a new spot appearing but I kill it with Mary Quant spot treatment gel. Now I can’t totally blame on the bb cream or my strange skin condition lately, but I’ll keep trying. It is weird to keep trying but I really like the coverage of this bb cream and I don’t want to give up quite yet.

Would I buy it again? Do I prefer this over Nanoce?

Hmm. Gd question. Now I’m waiting for a swap to come in for the L’egere whitening BB cream (purple tube) and I’ll make my final decision after I’ve tried it.

I probably buy L’egere over Nanoce, simply because of its accessibility. Also because it is slightly thicker than Nanoce, you get more for your money even it is a 35ml.


Nanoce: I've doubled check it, it seem to be available at cosme in Japan store but generally it is a mail order only products.. now.. back to Internet shopping

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Friday, April 24, 2009

I won a giveaway! by Lotuspalace

Knock knock! said the postman

A package for me? I opened my door while dao dao tried to escape from the horrible grooming regime

I opened the package, it is from Austria. hmm must be Kathi. But haven't asked for anything.. so I opened.

A littel note said,' Congrats! you won my giveaway as a 2nd chance winner!'

huh? I won something, that won't happened in a million years

so I re-checked her blog, and she had a little post to say I won her giveaway.


Unbelievable. Thanks for much Kathi
What did I won?

3 Etude House paper masks and a sleeping pack. yummy! Just as I am thinking if I should buy more beauty mask. I haven't really try Etude House products and this is my first...

This will heal the bite dao dao gave me. He bite my arms because I comb his hair. Stupid cat.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nanoce BB Cream review

Hi girls.. I decided to do a bb cream review as I just bought/swapped yet more BB cream. I am a bit BB cream crazy since December and been trying to find a BB cream that suits a NC30. I have been very good in terms I actually paid for 4 actual bb cream and swapped the rest and tried over 20 different brands.

Want to review this one as it is one of the only Japanese made BB cream. This is developed by the Ishizawa Lab. Since I’m not in Japan, I’m not sure how good and famous this brand . but by browsing through their website, it seems their products are on the scientific and natural side?

URL: http://www.ishizawa-lab.co.jp/nanocebb/

I acquired this BB cream from Kathi (lotuspalace) together with the Lunasol palette, which I greatly enjoyed. This is in No.2 shade, and I was a bit surprised it fits my skintone. Bearing in mind that most East Asian ladies have fair skintone (and I’m the odd one out coz I love the sun and like the sea too much)this fits me perfectly.

I’m unable to do a FOTD but I’ll show you how it looks

Pic 1

Actual cream from the tube

Pic 2

The actual cream on my arm

Blending in Process

Pic 4

Blended (but I didn't blend it well so that you can see the texture)


1890 Yen for 40g ($20 USD or 13 GBP)


Why a separate topic. Because it smell like Dettol. Just medicial and on the verge of smelling antiseptic wipes.


I feel this is more runny compare to other bb cream, i.e. l’egere and esp skinfood (which I think is far too thick) it is very easy to apply by hand and also by sponge. You need roughly a line of 1.5cm (I dun measure well with pea size. I usually pull a line from bb cream to apply) and it shd be more than enough for the face and sometimes for my neck


It covers my redness on my face, but to archieve the perfect look, I apply a bit of laneige face powder and Benefit Boi-ing concealer.


I think 40g is a good size for BB cream. I wonder why BB cream is sometimes in 35g? I particularly like the packaging it is a nice size tube to carry especially traveling. But because of the runny texture, I feel that it will be used up a lot quicker compare to my other bb cream (i.e. skinfood)


I like it a lot, at the moment, this is my favourite BB cream. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to get hold of. The only place you can get hold of is:


or CP. If it is not the fact it is only available online there, it will be my HG foundation base.

However, after I have tried over 20 BB cream my conclusions with BB is if it is a casual look (just meeting friends) or traveling, BB cream is a good bet. It has SPF, coverage, moisturizer just all in one. But I think for some more important occasions i.e. Job Interview, balls etc, it is best to use a good foundation. I’m currently lemming over Laura Mercier Silk foundation. I tried a sample which is a totally wrong shade on me, but the texture really amazed me. Sigh.. it has no SPF, no moisturizer but it looks good. I’ll see how much it cost in HK and see if I’ll get it there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Afternoon Tea at Buxted Park

It's spring. ah.. so nice. lovely sunshine, flowers out and beautiful daylight shining still at 7pm.
Went to Buxted Park for Afternoon tea, how british, how civilized!!

Not doing a beauty post quite yet. I am suffering from the british typical sickness a.k.a. hayfever and flu and woman sickness of the month. meaning my face is full of spots and everything. Plus when I went to this place, I only had 5 mins and managed to slapped on bb cream and mascara. that's all!!

leaving you to enjoy the warm scones.. yummy!
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dilemma - DiorSnow, IPSA, Lancome or Shiseido White Lucent

I need some help... I probably will post some help me out questions between now and my HK/Tokyo Trip.

I love Vichy. I tried my very best to love it. It is reasonably priced and I like the texture. But I can't help thinking it didn't do any help when I broke out. I have been having lots of red patches and spots, I am trying hard to think it is all due to the late night sleep and dao dao harassing me in the morning.. but I think it could be just because of Vichy...

I did use the Shiseido White Lucent product line and I got some good results. The Brightening eye treatment helped me to get rid of my eye bag, so much so that I reduced the eyebag and the loose area became fine lines..

I like the Moisturising SPF 15 cream, although it is sticky on you feel it, my skin quickly absorb and I survived my winter with it and my skin is clear and I know together with my SK-II it helped to whitened by acne scar (proved by how much concealer I need to put in the scar area)

I read lots of rave about Dior Snow and I'm tempted. But I think the UV base is the best products but not sure if anyone tried the skincare...

I'm also thinking of Lancome the whitening product line. Lancome and I seems to be having a good time, after my experiencing with the primer La Base, the exfoliating gel and cleansing gel, I think Lancome might be for me. I again heard good things about the whitening effect.

Or should I go back to IPSA metabolizer? I like it a lot.. I used it during my times in HK, and it works for me. It works in UK however I have younger skin then and can take anything that you put on it.

Or back to Shiseido White Lucent? bearing in mind I probably will need to buy the lighter version for the humid climate in HK..

hmm.. All I want is something good value does not make me break out, hope to lighten my acne scar. Am I asking too much?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eye makeup remover comparison: (and a seriously fun bag)

No.7 Eye makeup remover
Lancome Eye makeup remover
La Roche Posay Eye makeup remover (sensitive)

Hi girls…
I’m soo totally in love with my DSLR.. so I decided to celebrate by doing another beauty post. Another celebration coz my supervisor didn’t have much to say about my chapters.. so I got the technique and can write in full spring.

I just bought two new eye makeup remover, and seriously.. I wish I read more before the buying. I bought all items in Boots.

Eye makeup I use:
Urban Decay eye primer
Lunasol eye shadow
Paul & Joe duo eye shadow
MM eye liner

Boots: 6.90 for 100ml (6.90 for 100ml) [wins]
Lancome: 17.50 for 125ml (14 for 100ml)
La Roche-Posay: 10.50 for 100ml (10.50 for 100ml)

Boots is cheap.. I love boots

Boots: pump from a plastic bottle
Lancome: glass bottle and pour it out
La Roche-Posay: light weight plastic bottle, pour it out [wins]

I like the plastic bottle because it is light and easy to carry for travel without buying extra small bottle. I’m not keen on the pump as I find sometimes it just doesn’t pump the amount I want. It tends to either give you too much or too little and it is not easy.

How well it removes:
Lets throw the la roche-posay in the bin. It didn’t remove any of my eye liner at all.. even I soak it in cotton and slightly with warn water, it didn’t help.

I find boots and lancome works as well as each other, in fact I can’t really tell the difference. The lancome has a lighter texture compare to boots, but they both remove very well.

Which one will I choose:
Boots! It is cheapest of all, and it removes well. I will finish my lancome as I’m very happy how it removes. Once it is finished (think I’ll finish it with 4-6 months) I’ll buy boots again and clean the lancome bottle out and pour it in. Love the idea. Hehe
At the mean time…

Dao dao 豆豆 (little bean in English) loves the DSLR and the attention. He is everywhere around me and the camera.. to show you.. this was what happened after I took the first photo

Now to the bag:
To celebrate I survive yet another supervision, rather than going to Benefit and get a lipgloss (I found my ultimate way to make nude lips.. must do FOTD next time) I went into JOY (a Korean boutique) and shopped. I bought a nice grey cardigan to go with jeans and saw this bag at the counter. I can’t resist…

I love it! How can you swear on a bag??? I wonder if restaurant will kick me out if I carry this says to Gordon Ramsay?

Sorry girls.. I can’t get rid of Dao dao. He is just camera loving and doesn't understand what does this big thing do to him.. he'll be world famous soon.. haha

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Hello Kitty x Mac Collection beauty powder

Testing DSLR - Dao dao is bored...

Hi guys!!

My camera finally arrived! woohoo.. loved it so much and DSLR is so much fun and the picture quality is just simply.. amazing!

I decided to wave goodbye to the HK beauty powder so want to write about why I’m waving goodbye.

Here’s a pic:

Taihitian Sand

Pretty Pink

The problem is.. when I tried to brush it on my face.. errr.. nothing happened. Neither did it show colour or helping to set my foundations. The only thing it did (both Taihitian sand and pretty pink) is to help me not to shin like a moon when I use my Hanskin glossy bb cream. Is this significiant? Errr… I dun think I want to use them really.. I am very happy with my Laneige powder because it helps to cover those redness that my bb cream is unable to and achieved a flawless look. With these beauty powder. I really don’t know what to do with them.

I heard you use them as a blush primer or highlighter.. again since it does no colouring to my skin at all I can’t use it as a highlighter. Blush primer? No way… all my blush are very pigmented so there’s no need for that.

So goodbye beauty powder. I hope you have a nice home.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Midnight and mua-ing

shout out to amazon: please please please I need the camera...

this is midnight.. and I just been updating my MUA-swap list. I seriously need to stop buying before HK trip so I decided a spring clean is absolutely appropriate. I'm afraid I might be waving good bye to the MAC HK collection as i don't really need. I only do swap on MUA, so if you want to my MUA id is: kanonlin

My beauty wishlist is now a staggering 200GBP.. aghhhhhhhh

update on unassesible blogspot -> please read my blog post on eveleung.info mystery resolved. Yeah!

Monday, April 13, 2009

unable to connect: blogger hosting custom domain

if anyone is hsoting a custom domain on blogger, I seems to have problem assessing to the site.
My eveleung.info is not assessible. I can't assess to Jamilla's site either unless I read through RSS feeds (which netvibes is stupid coz it doesn't give me all the content)
Manage to get into Fuz's but unsure who else is affected...

still typing my phd at 00.42 and I'm only up to page 7, still have 35 pages to review...

Friday, April 10, 2009

La Roche-Posay Tolerine plus Easter Randomness plus FAQ

that's me in Sydney on that famous surfing beach 2 years ago

Back again, hmmm this is going to be a long post as I just want to clear a few things for readers.


Most asked questions to beauty bloggers, what do you do to buy all your beauty stuff?

I’m half student and half work at home 24 hours mom to dao dao. Nono.. the first half is right, but not the whole truth to the second half.

I am currently studying a phd which shd end by next year. Those who wanted to know what topics I write about etc can go back to my main blog/hp -> www.eveleung.info

The other half of me is an internet moderator. I am the one who basically sit behind the computer screen pressing accept or reject button to online content submitted by internet users. That’s all I’ll say as the rest are top secret. But the good thing about this job is I stay at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it makes dao dao a very happy cat as he gets all my attention.

Why do you want to blog about beauty products?

I am relatively new to the beauty blogs and I started reading them in November when I suddenly falls in love with bb cream. I bought my first tube in April 2008 which is the Skinfood Mushroom bb cream and it came to the point I nearly finished it. Seeing amazing photos online on how it helps with scar the blah blah blah, I decided to research more. The more I read, the more intriguing. Plus since Sept 08, I was on a beauty products starvation for 3 months to save some money for x’mas. Guess what? All the reviews and blogs I read during this 3 months, all became useful when I did my big splash.

Also, I totally regretted my purchase in Benefit (I bought the peach blush, powderflage, erase paste) and swapped it away because it was useless. I felt that if I read more beauty blogs, I can be better equipped myself and have my money well spent.

I am the type of person once I’m into something, I’m totally into it until the point I think I know a lot about it. This extends to my other interest, such as the ‘W’ word, Photography, tea, mobile phones and so on.

Ok…lets move on.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane

I bought this to replace my Vichy Aqualia. I am in a love and hate mode with Aqualia. I love love love the texture but it seems to give me pimples. I swapped the light tube away but bought the rich tube. Since Boots has 3 for 2 offer, I decided to try La Roche-Posay as they are just sister factory.

The texture is very similar to Vichy Aquali light but without the ‘aqua’ smell. I’m using it first time tonight, and my skin feels a bit soft. No redness or reaction to it and I’ll give a further review once I used it for more than 1 week.

Easter Randomness

For the good Christian people out there that gave me this holiday thank you. Except I woke up 6am for work and woke up my cat. Dao Dao decided he wanted to go out first thing in the morning so I let him go. We usually let him roam around the secluded garden area within our blocks (there are 5 cats aroundt) dao dao came home with a present!!!

Is it a mice?


Is it a spider?


What is it?

Is a piece of bread!!!

We think dao dao brought home a piece of bread that should go to the pigeon rather than a cat, and proudly dumped the bread from our 1 ft high window and let it rolled on the floor.b I tried to reasoned with S to say this is our only hot croix buns we will ever have this easter..

Thank you dao dao.. it is a lovely present (which went straight into the rubbish bin)

This is a long and heavy post.. you might think.. wheres the photo?


My canon tx-1 died.. amen.. no more focus all pics are blurred

So I’m waiting for the beloved amazon to make its delivery. I bought a Sony A200 and wanted to play with my new toy asap!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lancome Haul and cleansing Gel review

fotd: just before I rush to Priscilla the Musical
Lunasol 10th Anniversary Make Up palette
Lioelle BB Cream
Laneige Powder
Benefit Boi-ing No.2

Hi ladies! Sorry to disappeared for a while. Several thing has happened (if you want to know, please click into www.eveleung.info) which prevented me from blogging.

Plus my Canon tx-1 needs repair, but I found out the UK Canon doesn't offer to repair it (grr, it's a model from US/HK) so I decided to splash out and bought a DSLR. The picture quality is really bad coz of this problem. I feel that when you do beauty blogging, pictures are the most important thing about it. According to amazon, my item will deliver after Easter, but will be in time when my Japanese friend arrive in London for his visit.

I hauled yet again. It made me penniless to the point that even there's a sale on ASOS, I am hesitating to buy. Sigh.. anyway, the product I bought from Lancome is really worth it.

In February, I bought Mary Quant Cleansing gel, after I predict I will finish my Vichy Normderma Cleansing gel (the green bottle) and Shu Uemura cleansing oil within 2 weeks. However, they were still in used until now (which is April), and since I used the Mary Quant Gel, I decided it is better to be use as a makeup remove cleansing rather than a daily cleansing. So I went to Westfields boots to look for the Vichy Oligo cleansing bubble (pink bottle)

Cannot find any vichy products, I went to the Lancome counter. I have weird skin. I can't use Clinique at all, and so far, I am not allergic to any Lancome product and had a nice experience with their exfoliate gel. After the SA explained that the Lancome Eclat gel gives you sqeaky clean skin, I bought it, and they were doing a special deal so I bought the eye makeup remover as well. Now, this is why I love Boots and Lancome.

The deal is:

1300 Boots point (that's 13 pounds off)

6 examples

2 bags (1 big bag for a4 files, and the other as a evening bag or makeup bag)

So I paid 23 for 2 lancome product, roughly 23 GPB roughly 28 USD for my total haul. Bargain!

Now to the review:

This is how it looks like on my hand

It actually have some shiny component because it says it is a pearly foam. It bubbles up easily, and seriously, it gives me a squeaky clean on my face which I love. I grew up using Borghese cleansing gel, and it is really squeaky clean. But since Borghese stopped the UK counter business around 6 years ago, no more Borghese and I kept using other substitute. I didn't love Vichy Normderma as much as this Lancome éclat gel just because it is not squeaky clean. It is an item I will re purchase and I am steadily falling in love with Lancome. Thank god for that..

Now to any pet lovers..

I own a cat called dao dao, and I adopted him after his previous owner gave it away for free. He's a pedigree British Shorthair self-Blue cat and just turned 2 years old. He is a very intelligent cat and I'll upload photos gradually to show you.

He can fetch (yes! Fetch) If he's in a mood to play, he'll bring you his fav toy and put it in front of you. If he's hungry, he'll bring his toys to his food bowl

He can play 'guess which hand'. If you put treats in one of your hand, and close your hand, put it in front of him, he will tap on the hand which he thinks where the treat is.

He is an environmentalist. He meows at you to ask for switch on the tap to drink water, and meows back at you to ask you to switch off the tap.

He comes home through a little open window of 1 ft high

Oh.. and he's a womanizer. He refused to be hold by a male and if you're female, he purrs…

Ok, pic time. This is a pic of Dao Dao drinking from the tap

Isn't he cute?

Friday, April 3, 2009

L’oreal Glam 6hr Lip Gloss review

Hi guys

If I seems not updating, that’s coz I’m busying with trying to figure out how to upload pics at the same time writing a blog. It is rather difficult to combined the photos with blogging, not sure what I went wrong. I can’t exactly write in Microsoft words, attached the photos and press the upload button. Instead I need to write the text in word then upload the photos one by one. Grrr taking me time (and on top needs to catch up and update my bibliography for my phd… )

I was in exchange email with a MUA-er and I told her I spend so much on the l’oreal lip gloss co they’re so cheaper compare to my IPSA lip gloss. To illustrate why I’m splash out on 3 l’oreal lipgloss (it cost only 5.75GBP eachwith the boots voucher) rather than spending 16 GBP on the ipsa lipgloss (and IPSA only gives you 4g when l’oreal gives you 6g), I took photos of me wearing it.


I have bad lips. I have no pinky lips like Kathi, or beautiful lips like Fuz. I have extremely pigmented lips and doesn’t carry colour. My camera and lighting is not great when I took the photos so you might not see a big difference in terms of colour. Please bear with me and my photos

The lippies:

The swatch:

The one on the left is IPSA beige

The rest of the swatch are l’oreal glam 6hr lipgloss

My naked lip:

IPSA Lipgloss:

I have put two layers on my bottom lip, and 1 layer on my upper lip

L’Oreal colour 303:

I purchase this thinking this might be a colour match to my IPSA Beige lipgloss

L’Oreal colour 107:

I just want something that is shimmering but still subtle on my lips

L’Oreal colour 102:

I bought it coz the colour on the lipgloss looks pretty

Can you see why I’m so frustrated on the photos? They all look the same, and partly coz it is on my not showing colour lip. I always have a hard time buying lipsticks coz the colour never show. One of my shopping list when I’m in HK is to buy a lip primer. Girls, can you suggest one?


I love all of them. Seriously there are a few things I like them.

The colour is really trendy in UK standard. You don’t have Watsons in UK, and Boots is your best bet. L’oreal is easily assessable and the price is very reasonable. I can stock the lip gloss up without breaking my wallet. I buy it partly to show support on good colours. Please.. if l’oreal start making these pretty colours, I don’t need to haul that much from Hong Kong.

They last for a long time. If you look at my FOTD, I have been out all afternoon and it stays for more than 4 hours without re-applying (no food during this time) but still compare to my other lipgloss, which I need to reapply every 2 hrs at least, I am quite happy. People commented it is sticky, that’s because it is a ‘6hr’ stay on lipgloss according to L’oreal. If it doesn’t stick, it can’t stay on.

I like the subtle shimmering quality in the lipgloss. It is not as vibrant compare to my HK x Mac Collection. Definitely an OL choice.

So which lipgloss match my IPSA lipgloss? I thought it is 303 originally, but it is actually 102 because the IPSA has more pinkness to it than the beige tone.

Elisha Coy Nuddy 24 bb cream
Laneige Concealer No.3
Laneige Face Powder No.5
Lunasol Brown Shimmering Eye Liner
Maquillage Face Creator no.11
L'oreal Lipgloss 303
(not fresh makeup. but after a long day shopping in Westfields)


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