Friday, April 3, 2009

L’oreal Glam 6hr Lip Gloss review

Hi guys

If I seems not updating, that’s coz I’m busying with trying to figure out how to upload pics at the same time writing a blog. It is rather difficult to combined the photos with blogging, not sure what I went wrong. I can’t exactly write in Microsoft words, attached the photos and press the upload button. Instead I need to write the text in word then upload the photos one by one. Grrr taking me time (and on top needs to catch up and update my bibliography for my phd… )

I was in exchange email with a MUA-er and I told her I spend so much on the l’oreal lip gloss co they’re so cheaper compare to my IPSA lip gloss. To illustrate why I’m splash out on 3 l’oreal lipgloss (it cost only 5.75GBP eachwith the boots voucher) rather than spending 16 GBP on the ipsa lipgloss (and IPSA only gives you 4g when l’oreal gives you 6g), I took photos of me wearing it.


I have bad lips. I have no pinky lips like Kathi, or beautiful lips like Fuz. I have extremely pigmented lips and doesn’t carry colour. My camera and lighting is not great when I took the photos so you might not see a big difference in terms of colour. Please bear with me and my photos

The lippies:

The swatch:

The one on the left is IPSA beige

The rest of the swatch are l’oreal glam 6hr lipgloss

My naked lip:

IPSA Lipgloss:

I have put two layers on my bottom lip, and 1 layer on my upper lip

L’Oreal colour 303:

I purchase this thinking this might be a colour match to my IPSA Beige lipgloss

L’Oreal colour 107:

I just want something that is shimmering but still subtle on my lips

L’Oreal colour 102:

I bought it coz the colour on the lipgloss looks pretty

Can you see why I’m so frustrated on the photos? They all look the same, and partly coz it is on my not showing colour lip. I always have a hard time buying lipsticks coz the colour never show. One of my shopping list when I’m in HK is to buy a lip primer. Girls, can you suggest one?


I love all of them. Seriously there are a few things I like them.

The colour is really trendy in UK standard. You don’t have Watsons in UK, and Boots is your best bet. L’oreal is easily assessable and the price is very reasonable. I can stock the lip gloss up without breaking my wallet. I buy it partly to show support on good colours. Please.. if l’oreal start making these pretty colours, I don’t need to haul that much from Hong Kong.

They last for a long time. If you look at my FOTD, I have been out all afternoon and it stays for more than 4 hours without re-applying (no food during this time) but still compare to my other lipgloss, which I need to reapply every 2 hrs at least, I am quite happy. People commented it is sticky, that’s because it is a ‘6hr’ stay on lipgloss according to L’oreal. If it doesn’t stick, it can’t stay on.

I like the subtle shimmering quality in the lipgloss. It is not as vibrant compare to my HK x Mac Collection. Definitely an OL choice.

So which lipgloss match my IPSA lipgloss? I thought it is 303 originally, but it is actually 102 because the IPSA has more pinkness to it than the beige tone.

Elisha Coy Nuddy 24 bb cream
Laneige Concealer No.3
Laneige Face Powder No.5
Lunasol Brown Shimmering Eye Liner
Maquillage Face Creator no.11
L'oreal Lipgloss 303
(not fresh makeup. but after a long day shopping in Westfields)


  1. I totally agree with you about the L'Oreal 6 HR lipgloss! I've reviewed it too, against Lancome La Laque Fever gloss, and I think the L'Oreal is better--

    I love Westfield!! Today we went to Brent Cross because it was closer to the Dr. office.

  2. Jamilla: I still go to brent cross coz they have free parking. Although westfields are giving free 2 hr parking from now until June. amazing.
    I saw your comparison and bought my first l'oreal lipgloss, and since then i can't stop buying. I am going to westfields tmr for ring shopping! I'm excited.

  3. are u kidding! i think u have nice lips!

    oooh wow thanks for letting me know abt loreal!

  4. XD thanks, i already figured it out hee hence my comment above <3

  5. the glosses look gorgeous on you!! now I miss boots! LOL

  6. I could kiss you for hours!...



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