Friday, April 10, 2009

La Roche-Posay Tolerine plus Easter Randomness plus FAQ

that's me in Sydney on that famous surfing beach 2 years ago

Back again, hmmm this is going to be a long post as I just want to clear a few things for readers.


Most asked questions to beauty bloggers, what do you do to buy all your beauty stuff?

I’m half student and half work at home 24 hours mom to dao dao. Nono.. the first half is right, but not the whole truth to the second half.

I am currently studying a phd which shd end by next year. Those who wanted to know what topics I write about etc can go back to my main blog/hp ->

The other half of me is an internet moderator. I am the one who basically sit behind the computer screen pressing accept or reject button to online content submitted by internet users. That’s all I’ll say as the rest are top secret. But the good thing about this job is I stay at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it makes dao dao a very happy cat as he gets all my attention.

Why do you want to blog about beauty products?

I am relatively new to the beauty blogs and I started reading them in November when I suddenly falls in love with bb cream. I bought my first tube in April 2008 which is the Skinfood Mushroom bb cream and it came to the point I nearly finished it. Seeing amazing photos online on how it helps with scar the blah blah blah, I decided to research more. The more I read, the more intriguing. Plus since Sept 08, I was on a beauty products starvation for 3 months to save some money for x’mas. Guess what? All the reviews and blogs I read during this 3 months, all became useful when I did my big splash.

Also, I totally regretted my purchase in Benefit (I bought the peach blush, powderflage, erase paste) and swapped it away because it was useless. I felt that if I read more beauty blogs, I can be better equipped myself and have my money well spent.

I am the type of person once I’m into something, I’m totally into it until the point I think I know a lot about it. This extends to my other interest, such as the ‘W’ word, Photography, tea, mobile phones and so on.

Ok…lets move on.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane

I bought this to replace my Vichy Aqualia. I am in a love and hate mode with Aqualia. I love love love the texture but it seems to give me pimples. I swapped the light tube away but bought the rich tube. Since Boots has 3 for 2 offer, I decided to try La Roche-Posay as they are just sister factory.

The texture is very similar to Vichy Aquali light but without the ‘aqua’ smell. I’m using it first time tonight, and my skin feels a bit soft. No redness or reaction to it and I’ll give a further review once I used it for more than 1 week.

Easter Randomness

For the good Christian people out there that gave me this holiday thank you. Except I woke up 6am for work and woke up my cat. Dao Dao decided he wanted to go out first thing in the morning so I let him go. We usually let him roam around the secluded garden area within our blocks (there are 5 cats aroundt) dao dao came home with a present!!!

Is it a mice?


Is it a spider?


What is it?

Is a piece of bread!!!

We think dao dao brought home a piece of bread that should go to the pigeon rather than a cat, and proudly dumped the bread from our 1 ft high window and let it rolled on the floor.b I tried to reasoned with S to say this is our only hot croix buns we will ever have this easter..

Thank you dao dao.. it is a lovely present (which went straight into the rubbish bin)

This is a long and heavy post.. you might think.. wheres the photo?


My canon tx-1 died.. amen.. no more focus all pics are blurred

So I’m waiting for the beloved amazon to make its delivery. I bought a Sony A200 and wanted to play with my new toy asap!!

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  1. Look at you all happy, i hope to visit Australia soon!!! xD



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