Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eye makeup remover comparison: (and a seriously fun bag)

No.7 Eye makeup remover
Lancome Eye makeup remover
La Roche Posay Eye makeup remover (sensitive)

Hi girls…
I’m soo totally in love with my DSLR.. so I decided to celebrate by doing another beauty post. Another celebration coz my supervisor didn’t have much to say about my chapters.. so I got the technique and can write in full spring.

I just bought two new eye makeup remover, and seriously.. I wish I read more before the buying. I bought all items in Boots.

Eye makeup I use:
Urban Decay eye primer
Lunasol eye shadow
Paul & Joe duo eye shadow
MM eye liner

Boots: 6.90 for 100ml (6.90 for 100ml) [wins]
Lancome: 17.50 for 125ml (14 for 100ml)
La Roche-Posay: 10.50 for 100ml (10.50 for 100ml)

Boots is cheap.. I love boots

Boots: pump from a plastic bottle
Lancome: glass bottle and pour it out
La Roche-Posay: light weight plastic bottle, pour it out [wins]

I like the plastic bottle because it is light and easy to carry for travel without buying extra small bottle. I’m not keen on the pump as I find sometimes it just doesn’t pump the amount I want. It tends to either give you too much or too little and it is not easy.

How well it removes:
Lets throw the la roche-posay in the bin. It didn’t remove any of my eye liner at all.. even I soak it in cotton and slightly with warn water, it didn’t help.

I find boots and lancome works as well as each other, in fact I can’t really tell the difference. The lancome has a lighter texture compare to boots, but they both remove very well.

Which one will I choose:
Boots! It is cheapest of all, and it removes well. I will finish my lancome as I’m very happy how it removes. Once it is finished (think I’ll finish it with 4-6 months) I’ll buy boots again and clean the lancome bottle out and pour it in. Love the idea. Hehe
At the mean time…

Dao dao 豆豆 (little bean in English) loves the DSLR and the attention. He is everywhere around me and the camera.. to show you.. this was what happened after I took the first photo

Now to the bag:
To celebrate I survive yet another supervision, rather than going to Benefit and get a lipgloss (I found my ultimate way to make nude lips.. must do FOTD next time) I went into JOY (a Korean boutique) and shopped. I bought a nice grey cardigan to go with jeans and saw this bag at the counter. I can’t resist…

I love it! How can you swear on a bag??? I wonder if restaurant will kick me out if I carry this says to Gordon Ramsay?

Sorry girls.. I can’t get rid of Dao dao. He is just camera loving and doesn't understand what does this big thing do to him.. he'll be world famous soon.. haha

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  1. Thanks for the comparison!! I love Dao Dao...can't get enough!

    Where is that Korean shop you went to (you know I live near London!).

  2. i like dao dao in the pics
    he's like ur watermarking

  3. lancome is so expensive here, i dont like its results, the more i use it, the poorer the results i get lol! im blacklisting it after finishing with it lol. yeah boots did a decent one i remember

  4. lol dao dao is hilarious! are u from hong kong originally? i'm so nosy... i have a eucerin eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes and it's rubbish.



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