Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nanoce BB Cream review

Hi girls.. I decided to do a bb cream review as I just bought/swapped yet more BB cream. I am a bit BB cream crazy since December and been trying to find a BB cream that suits a NC30. I have been very good in terms I actually paid for 4 actual bb cream and swapped the rest and tried over 20 different brands.

Want to review this one as it is one of the only Japanese made BB cream. This is developed by the Ishizawa Lab. Since I’m not in Japan, I’m not sure how good and famous this brand . but by browsing through their website, it seems their products are on the scientific and natural side?


I acquired this BB cream from Kathi (lotuspalace) together with the Lunasol palette, which I greatly enjoyed. This is in No.2 shade, and I was a bit surprised it fits my skintone. Bearing in mind that most East Asian ladies have fair skintone (and I’m the odd one out coz I love the sun and like the sea too much)this fits me perfectly.

I’m unable to do a FOTD but I’ll show you how it looks

Pic 1

Actual cream from the tube

Pic 2

The actual cream on my arm

Blending in Process

Pic 4

Blended (but I didn't blend it well so that you can see the texture)


1890 Yen for 40g ($20 USD or 13 GBP)


Why a separate topic. Because it smell like Dettol. Just medicial and on the verge of smelling antiseptic wipes.


I feel this is more runny compare to other bb cream, i.e. l’egere and esp skinfood (which I think is far too thick) it is very easy to apply by hand and also by sponge. You need roughly a line of 1.5cm (I dun measure well with pea size. I usually pull a line from bb cream to apply) and it shd be more than enough for the face and sometimes for my neck


It covers my redness on my face, but to archieve the perfect look, I apply a bit of laneige face powder and Benefit Boi-ing concealer.


I think 40g is a good size for BB cream. I wonder why BB cream is sometimes in 35g? I particularly like the packaging it is a nice size tube to carry especially traveling. But because of the runny texture, I feel that it will be used up a lot quicker compare to my other bb cream (i.e. skinfood)


I like it a lot, at the moment, this is my favourite BB cream. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to get hold of. The only place you can get hold of is:

or CP. If it is not the fact it is only available online there, it will be my HG foundation base.

However, after I have tried over 20 BB cream my conclusions with BB is if it is a casual look (just meeting friends) or traveling, BB cream is a good bet. It has SPF, coverage, moisturizer just all in one. But I think for some more important occasions i.e. Job Interview, balls etc, it is best to use a good foundation. I’m currently lemming over Laura Mercier Silk foundation. I tried a sample which is a totally wrong shade on me, but the texture really amazed me. Sigh.. it has no SPF, no moisturizer but it looks good. I’ll see how much it cost in HK and see if I’ll get it there.


  1. Good review! I've never heard of this, wow you've tried a lot of them, hehe.

  2. Great review :) I reviewed the L'egere, but my pictures are sucky haha

  3. i havent heard of ths brand before.. and for some reason ive never seen it around in any drugstores or beauty counters :/ you might find it a little difficult to find it in Tokyo too :/ glad its working for you tho!!

  4. hi Nic nic
    I was thinking about the same questions as well they said they're available at Loft and Cosme (in Tokyo) so I hope I can find it...

  5. thank you for this review, unfortunately the Philippines is sooo late in a almost everything, we still only have the skin food and the face shop here, and laneige has yet to open...can't wait though. so, unfortunately no etude and no missha =(

    i wonder if they can ship to the Philippines.

  6. this is the BB cream that i have been using! and i love it actually! when i put it on my face i put it on like its just a moisturizer. I put a lil bit on my hand,rub both hands together then rub it all over your face, no need for sponges or fingers to put them all over your face. Its really easy for me to use. I tried on this one Korean brand (not sure if it was missha) it felt a bit powdery for me and its a lot more expensive. You dont need to use a lot but i usually put on a water base moisturizer 1st, and while its still a bit wet on my face thats when i put on my bb cream. BTW!!! you guys can find it at Ueno station. Theres a small make up store in there and they sell bb creams including nanoche.

  7. Hi from Austria! I just checked out your review on this BB. Can safely skip it. I have recently hauled a bunch anyway ;)



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