Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yes another haul, MAC Kitty and boots

FOTD: Nanoce BB cream, Laneige Concealor No.3, Laneige face powder No. 5,
Maquillage Face Creator No. 11, Lunasol Eyeliner (from 10th Anniversary Palette)
L'oreal Glam 6hr Lip Gloss (303)

I should be locked up.

I went to Westfields.. can’t resist not using my 2GPB voucher in my wallet (from boots)

So I for some reasons, went into MAC (its on the way from my afternoon tea to Boots) and the SA told me that this is the last day they're having the HK collection. (what?)
I quickly grap the last last last beauty powder and tinted lip moisturisers.
And the plush toy. (I told myself someday... its' going home with me)
Mac addicts in UK: they're launching the sugarsweet collection tomorrow (2nd Apr) and in store.
and Boots I went
Seriously. when did L'oreal start launching pretty lip gloss (and pretty colour)
so I got a 103 (and used my voucher.. so only 4.79 GBP)
And the famous Urban Decay (oh yes, they have a counter in westfields and I can roll up my boots point)

Amen. damage to my wallet -> xxx GBP
a smile on my face coz I have the Kitty plush toy -> Priceless
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  1. Hehehe very nice haul!! How cute

  2. I really wanted the HK doll bu I controlled myself!!

    BTW I agree with you on the L'Oreal gloss!!

  3. The kitty plush toy is soooo cute!



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