Sunday, April 26, 2009

I can’t wait to tell you abt this. L’egere Water Drop BB cream

Last post, I said I’m acquiring a few more BB cream, I have been looking at a new foundation but yet can’t resist trying more BB cream, thank god I didn’t have a craving for foundation (maybe I do!!!) but this L’egere is the 5th BB cream I’ve paid to try and use. I acquired this from the lovely Cosmetic Candy, and including in my package, there’s 2 L’egere Mineral powder, which surprised me. I thought I’m getting just 1 but she thrown in two. Thanks soo much. (I won’t talk about the Mineral powder because it is more of a rant.. later.. when I’m in a mood of ranting)

Ok, this is one of the BB cream that is so-called legitimately available online. So here’s your review


the bb cream

on my arm, I didn't blend it completely so that you can see the water drop and the shininess


£14.99 for 35ml from

(halo? Why 35ml? why not 50ml? I know there’s 50ml version in HK. Gimme a 50ml!)


Hmm.. if I put it in a comparison chart it’ll be

Skinfood (thickest) > Missha Perfect > L’egere > Nanoce (Runniest)


None at all


Perfect! I’m a NC 30 and it fits perfectly


The whole reason why this won me over is the coverage. It is lasting and it covers what it needs to cover. Of course I need to tap a bit of concealer (Benefit Boi-ing). It really blends in perfectly and I hardly notice I wear a foundation. I did mention about getting the Laura Mercier Foundation because I want a foundation with coverage, meaning perfect shades and covering redness and hide some of the minor scar. This does all I want and therefore I give it a star star star.

It is long lasting as well. I have been testing this everyday for the last 5 days. (for the reason below). I never used a BB cream that is longer lasting than L’egere. I put it on at 9am, and re-apply a bit (not whole face!!) at 3pm. I used this today since 6am and re-apply at 3pm although it is washed off by the time I came home at 8.30pm, but I’m so far so pleased with it.

The other thing I’m pleased is I like to be as natural as possible. I feel I have been putting a bit too much make up recently. And This BB cream gave me the confidence to walk out, with only, this, concealer, mascara (or eyeliner) and Vaseline lip balm. By keeping things to the minimal, I hope to heal my skin after my hayfever/diaherrea/period/hot pot. This will be the travel pack I’ll pack (but I’ll slot in my Lunasol Palette hehe) in my luggage and travel as light as possible for my future trip.

Does it give you spots?

I think people stay away from BB cream because sometimes it blocks your pores and give you spot. I deliberately tried to put this BB cream on, and I can’t verify it WON’T give you spot. Everyday I put it on, I have a new spot appearing but I kill it with Mary Quant spot treatment gel. Now I can’t totally blame on the bb cream or my strange skin condition lately, but I’ll keep trying. It is weird to keep trying but I really like the coverage of this bb cream and I don’t want to give up quite yet.

Would I buy it again? Do I prefer this over Nanoce?

Hmm. Gd question. Now I’m waiting for a swap to come in for the L’egere whitening BB cream (purple tube) and I’ll make my final decision after I’ve tried it.

I probably buy L’egere over Nanoce, simply because of its accessibility. Also because it is slightly thicker than Nanoce, you get more for your money even it is a 35ml.


Nanoce: I've doubled check it, it seem to be available at cosme in Japan store but generally it is a mail order only products.. now.. back to Internet shopping

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  1. im glad the bb creams are working for you!!

  2. L'egere is def the most long lasting!! :] Too bad hte pink one is a bit dark for me.. do you want it? :]

  3. fuz: if you're not having it, I'll have it. will email you now lol

  4. we don't have bb creams in europe but they sure looks interesting. i have 1 bb cream sitting in my drawer because the expired product was given to me for free. not sure if i wanna risk that on my face :-P



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