Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to London Part 1! (photos heavy!)

A friend arrived in London fr Japan, so I took him around. I thought I’ll as well just to post some pic for non-UK readers (or even you’re in London, hehe.. this is what a tourist do).

My friend stayed in Hostel 639
8GBP (11use) per night including breakfast (which is bread and tea/coffee) I didn’t know such a cheap place existed. It is next to Kensal Rise station and around 6 stations away from Central London/Piccadilly Circus.

British Museum:
(cloest metro: Tottenham court road or Russell Square)

Seeing a football match in Arsenal (closest tube: Arsenal/although I walked from Highbury and Islington station)

I look absolutely horrible because of the 6am pick up from heathrow(again only l'egere is used)

Now now.. I must do a bit of rant here. I never know unless you’re a football club fan, it is rather difficult to obtain a ticket if you just want to see a match. I managed to get 2 tickets via a friend with his Football club memebership, and if I didn’t have this contact, there’s absolutely no way a general public can see a live football match. Stupid system
Also, people arrive so early!I arrived 1 hour before the match and the stadium is already half-full! There’s roughly 60000 people in the stadium, so there’s so many different things you need to be aware on a match day. They closed at least 2 stations (exit only) and there’re 5 stations available for football fans to leave. There’s also one of the most ridiculous shop till/cashier system in the Arsenal souvenir shop. 1 girl on the cashier, 1 for security tag removal, and the other to bag your item or fold your shirt.

Westminster Abbey:

London Eye:

If you have only half-a-day then this is the must see. The view is absolutely beautiful up there, and even we went on a very wet day. You can see hamsptead quite clearly.

Big Ben:

Me in London Eye (For your information, only L’egere and concealer and lip balm is used. Nothing else. I’m just really really tired and the weather is too wet to put on anything)

The City:

Buckingham Palace:

That’s all

Wait. No more photos? Sorry girls. Me and my friend then went to STRADA (Italian restaurant) at the Royal National Theatre for food, and I was too tired and I went home. Maybe I’ll talk more about this trip later.

Shout out! For Bloggers in Asia:
Hi girls.. I will be going to Hong Kong in May then Beijing (early June) and Japan in Early July. I would love love love to meet some of the bloggers out there! I’ll probably email individually (nic nic! Yumeko! let me if you have time). Or if anyone are coming in to Hong Kong, I’ll be more than happy to show you around and be a tourist myself. (my best frd Martin is flying in, S will be there for the 1st two weeks as well). Just leave a comment or email me if you are interested.


  1. Looks so pretty there~ Hehe you look cute. 60000 pple!! Omg..

  2. woohooo arsenal! i was a fan... :P

    ps. the Nuonce (sp) bb cream you reviewed, i saw in a mag, and in a shop called Its' Demo!!

  3. ps. will a review on the biore UV milk it v soon ;)

  4. ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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