Friday, May 1, 2009

I got a problem – no case for my foundation

I recently been preparing my long waited trip to Hong Kong. I decided to do a big spring clean and threw away all the makeup I had over 2 years (even it is not very used) and some of the makeup I never will use again in a swap box (ok.. I actually kept my IPSA eye palette that has been with me since 2004 but I can’t help to love it) (alright.. a sale/swap post is coming up when I bully my little kid into taking photos for me)

I found this Ettusais Zero Foundation refill which I love and will definitely use. When I’m in HK, my face is oily and the only thing that stops the oiliness is Ettusais. I first used its Day Defence SPF powder and moved on to the foundation which is my HG when I’m in HK. I dug out the Day Defence powder again as I was looking for a transculent powder and forgot it was there, sitting in my HG makeup bag all the time calling for me. So since I pick up the powder, I looked for the 2 way cake I bought in Jan. Then I hit the problem.

I definitely remember I have at least 2 foundation case. From my experience, shiseido square foundation case can be swap. I have one from my Maquillage collection and another from Ettusais. I overturn my storeroom and I couldn’t find them both. Arghhhhh

I want to start using it because this UK summer(even I’m still wearing long sleeve) makes my face oily again. I have now switch from Vichy (yess I might retract my I LOVE VICHY statement because my face been suffering from acne for the last 2 weeks) and into Lancome Hydra Zen (I got a 15ml sample which will last me for a long time)

My foundation without a case scenario just make me mad about myself. I manage to downsize my makeup that I used into 1 makeup bag.. but buying a makeup foundation case is certainly not on my list. I just check the ettusais website in HK, they’re selling one for 8 GBP (around 14 USD) not a happy bunny


  1. Aw that sucks! I hate it when this happens.. I still need to get a case for my loose powder.

  2. hmm u know what, don't open the foundation until u get to hong kong. i'm sure cosmetics supplies shops have some kind of container to hold the foundation. i'm from hong kong! don't u just lve that city?

  3. I think majolica majorca's casing can fit.

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  5. hi Cheryl, I am fro HK and HK is shopping heaven. Have you ever compare price on gooddealer and even some counter prices? IPSA is cheaper in HK compare to Japan. Amazing, even from the counter.
    ATM, I am trying to do swap so I'm getting a Raycious case, it shd fit I think

    Pinkdolphi1: I love the MM case, arent they pretty?

    Fuz:hehe.. want me to do look out for a powder case for you?



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