Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bye! Off to HK

I'm just typing this while I ate my last min breakfast before catching the minicab to the airport.
Weee!!! LHR shopping here I come.

Weee!!! onboard shopping here I come.

Weee!!! HK and Japan, here I come

I said a long goodbye to D.D., he's staying with a friend for anything between 2 weeks to 1 month (depending if S will pick him up when he comes back) He's settling at new place and already making a fuss with my friend.

I should be back in 2 days time


  1. Have FUN and can't wait to see your hauls!

  2. Hi Eve,
    Is it too late to e-mail you a list of product as you so kindly offered to do CP? I'm hesitating, must narrow down my list...
    Anyway, wishing you a wonderful trip :)

  3. have a wonderful trip,will email ya;-)

  4. xevia,

    it's never too late, I'm there until late June so you can email me anytime between now and June.

    email: kanonlin@gmail.com




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