Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dao Dao Beauty Special (with video)

Hi girls! My slave Eve decided that she’s taking time off to clean up my mess today (I gave her a half-dead baby pigeon as a present, I climbed all the way up the wall, and dropped it from 1 feet high to Eve just to make it a little bit special) so I think it is my turn.

I am a British Shorthair Blue Self. And my prefix is called Kinderpaws -> you can see my daddy and mommy on the website.

I start my day in bed with Eve and S. I like to do some exercise so I generally bite S toes every morning, and even plucked his hair on legs if I think it is a bit bushy. Who needs a razor when you have dao dao?

Then I play a ‘bang bang bang’ orchestra symphony on the door with some ‘bass’ meowing until Slave No.2 (Eve) gets up and let me out. I will then sun bathe just to make my hair a bit softer and warmer.

I drink lots and lots of water during the day. I’ll again ask Slave No.2 to switch on the tap and switch it off.

I eat healthy food such as cat food. I also like Whiskas temptations (please watch until the end) I also like milk, ham and KFC (but I’m not allowed to eat it, I know it is really tasty so I chased Slave no.1 around the flat)

Finally, I sleep all day everyday…



  1. LOL this is TOO adorable, that last photo is sooo cute!!!

  2. Wahahahahaha!!! Go Dao Dao - I vote for you to be London Mayor!!

  3. Dao Dao is so cute!! hehe what mischievous little cat !!xD

  4. So you're bossed around by your cat too! Remember, dogs have masters and cats have staff!!

    DaoDao sleeps just like Tommy...sorta upside down and flopped over!



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