Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hong Kong Haul Part 2.1 – the brands and discount

May I first start to say a big big thank you to Jennifer (and she started beauty blogging after apparently inspired by me, and you can see her haul with me as well). A wonderful person who I know through swapping, and took me around in HK for shopping. (Jennifer: we yet to do the sasa/bonjour shopping)

Just want to talk about why I bought what I bought, mainly onto the brands and maybe it is something you want to check out if you are coming in HK/Taiwan/Japan.. These should all be available.


If you can read chinese, there's a forum called Beuatyexchange in Hong Kong. it loads quite slowly beaware). But you can find the latest promotions there.

If you are in HK, Sogo is promoting their 'Thankful week', meaning all counters offer special packages, DiorSnow.. Sofina Aube set etc all in discount price. I think the Beautyexchange forum also has the discount catalogue available. Most of the products are 10% or more (including skincare)

The other way to get discount is to collect VIP / point cards. Every single shop in Hong Kong has their own discount and point scheme allowing consumers to collect points and exchange gifts. My mom managed to buy enough beauty products she is a permanent VIP with Sasa, meaning she gets 10% discount on every single Sasa product she buys.

For the blogasphere, Meiling is really good in telling you and test drive the promotions in Hong Kong (sorry In chinese only). She also organised a website for HK beauty bloggers to join and offer event with Beauty companies on reviewing their products (of course, you get to try their products free as well)

The Brands


What is it famous for?

Metabolizer series

Base makeup (foundations, powder)

I first used this brand around 5 years ago, and I’m very happy with its products. I once bought some random skincare from Sasa and my skin became very dry and I could’t put concealer on my eye area. I managed to revive my skin with metabolizer and the time-rest series

However, very very expensive. I just think it is cheaper than SKII as I use the time-reset essence for eye area only, and the metabolizer is 125ml should last ½ year for me.

Damage done:

Time reset essence: 30ml for $600 (£52)

Metabolizer EX (for whitening and anti-aging): 125ml for $530 (£46.5)

Free gifts:

(stingy SA for me that day, only gave me time reset eye mask, essence, and 5ml x 2 Metabolizer)


What it is famous for?

Oil control, Acen problem

I first bought the ettusais products in Japan 2 years ago. The day-defense powder for oil control. I thought the name is ‘French’ (dunno why) and I like the powder a lot. I don’t like the idea of blotting in the day so the day defense powder sounds like a good idea.

I re-purchase the day defense powder this time, and want to try their skin care products. Apparently. The acne skin version up is their star product, it helps the prep the skin for serums and moisturizer to enhance the effectiveness.

I bought their eye zone essence as I’m addicted to any eye products that help to reduce my fine lines. I will use it after my IPSA essence has finished up


well over $1000

Free gifts:

too many.. basically I think I received a sample of everything they can give...

Kose Facial Mask, Evian Water Spray, Laneige Power Essential EX

You might think this is a weird combination, but I used this formula before to have facial mask when I was really skint. I think I was making my own facial mask for over 2 years before the craze of using toner with facial mask But to preserve the toner further, I wet the paper mask with water, I recommend using those water spray that says it is for facial purpose. Once you wet the paper mask, then pour in the toner or in this case Power Essential into the mask and wet it further.

I remember when I first bought the Power Essential, it comes with 4 paper mask in a bottle anyway.

I will definitely buy more paper mask, I’m just waiting to see how much it cost in Japan compare to HK


Kose Paper Mask: $29 (£2.5)

Laneige Power Essential: $89 (£7.8)

Evian Water Spray : $44 (£3.8)

For $162 / £14 you know have 14 paper masks. Nearly as good or better than My Beauty Dairies.

I’ll probably stop here for now. As there’s another 3 brands to talk about, and I’m way over my word limit for good blogging.

On the other hand, I am having internet access from mobile broadband courtesy to 3 from UK. Their 3 like home scheme allow me to use my data allowance for free in Hong Kong. Shame they’re cancelling the scheme and shame to say I’m leaving them after this trip.

Finally, this is the flower bouquet I received from my friend yesterday. It was her happy-ever after wedding yesterday and I came to Hong Kong to be her bridemaid. Hehe… everything in traditional Hong Kong style make me realised how lucky I am to be having my way (no interference from parents) for my big day.


  1. holy cow, ettusais is too expensive!!! i wonder if it might have been cheaper over here.. i have the shooting liquid too. it doesnt work for me! at least it works for you! pretty bunch of flowers :)

  2. Great Hauls!! Can't wait for the reviews!!

    Cute flowers!

  3. Hey!!! lets hit Sasa and bonjour too!! LOL we are addicts beyond repair hahaha! i just posted some new hauls from Sogo the other day :) with the credit card thing i got a 10% rebate! the whole set went from 700 to 630!! *squeals*



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