Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My concealer secret + more on Clarins haul

I just come back from a trip to hell. Actually not quite. A trip to typing thesis land. (I wrote nearly 4000 words in 5 hours. I'm so impress)

Since I'm in a mood of typing so I thought I'll do this article now

Raise your hand if you have

  • fine lines under eye (MEEEE!!!),
  • dark circles (MEE!!)
  • acne scar (MEE!!)
  • redness around nose(MEE!!!)

So of course we use concealor. I got a dilemma before I found my solution. I use generally two different concealers for different part of the face, this is more of a stingy Evie working here. I bought a Laneige concealer on ebay (yes! There's a seller selling them half the official price in UK) and then I swapped a brand new Benefit Boi-ing. I find that Laneige concealer is great on scars and Boi-ing is great under eye.

I hate carrying two cases with me, so I dig into my makeup bag. I found my solution…

IPSA Concealer palette, which I hit the pan long time ago, but didn't want to throw it as the brush is soo good. So I put up my gloves with a little spatula and started my operation. Scooped out the old, clean it out with a Q-tip then refill it with my favourite concealer.

So this is how it looks:

On top of that, I thought it is no longer a IPSA Concealor case, so I blinged it. If you're in UK, and thinking of Blinging like Yumeko did to hers, you are best to buy card embellishment and I bought mine from this site:

hehe.. how cool it that.

So now, you can carrying 3 different types of makeup on the go, and fashionable as well.

Clarins Haul:

I totally forgot to say..


a RED Overnight/Beach bag (under the property of dao dao)

The 4 sample deal is happening definitely next week in Selfridges, but I'm not sure if they're doing the take £5 off deal if you spend over £50.



  1. I remembered I actually saw this clarins promotion advertised in one of those leaflets house of fraser posted to me...Anyway didn't take much notice at the time cos i thought the 4 freebies were the smaller size(15ml for creams, 30ml for cleansers etc.)

    Anyway it ends on the 17th of May I think, so Im running over there after my exam tomorrow,hehe. Do u know if HOF at westfield has a laura mercier or elemis counter btw?

  2. hi waterlily! there's a laura mercier counter definitely coz I checked it out on Monday (I'm still thinking of the silk foundation)

  3. Haha what a great idea!! Cute blingy case.

  4. I need to check out the Selfridges promo! Thanks for the reminder!

    I love that pic of DaoDao..what a cutie.

    I agree with you on packing your makeup into the smallest possible containers...and I love your bling too!

  5. ooh i like how you decorated your case!! very cute... that's a good idea to put all the concealers in one.. i actually dont use much cream concealers very much. I like use everyday mineral powders a lot more. The blend is fantastic on bigger red pimples, blends well with my foundation too.

  6. Dao Dao is so cute!! Flowery bling - me likey!

  7. uh-oh dao dao's eyeing your clarins bag, lol...

  8. cheryl..
    did you see that dao dao actually hide his toy just under the bag? he likes the 'find a toy' under a bag game..

  9. Thanks! thats really a smart idea. Very convenient. I hate having to dig into my bag for each item and Love how u decorated it =)



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