Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello and Haul from Hong Kong (Part 1)

Hi everyone, did you miss me?

I certainly miss the peace and quiet life I have in UK as my days in HK started with rain, swine flu and shoppings. I nearly spent all my shopping budget in one day because I rather shop now than random buy during this trip.

So.. do you want to see what I got?

Lucido Strawberry hairspray,
lucido hair styling gel and
lucido hair spray for heat curling hair

Shiseido Anessa Pearly Sunscreen SPF 50

Haul from the famous Loon Sing Pharmacy
Kose Paper Mask 14 x 2
Evian water spray

IPSA Metabolizer EX 4
Laneige Power Essential EX

Ettusais Day Defense Powder (new version) more samples from Ettusais

IPSA Samples + Ettusais Samples

Fashion and Beauty Magazines

Ettusais Haul, too many will talk next time
IPSA Time Reset Essence
Biore Cleansing Oil
(to anyone reading, pls avoid buying this item even it smeel really gd)

What are missing from these pic,
My Beauty Dairy Mask Q10
My Beauty Dairy Mask Platinum

Borghese blue mask mud

Borghese Whitening Eye Masque

There is a theme towards this haul: SKINCARE!!

I decided that lunasol is still out of the reach, so I am definitely getting the drugstore brand eye shadow (I might return to Lunasol after my Japan trip), lucky I brought everything with me so it is not a problem with make up during the day.

Also, the weather is sooo hot and humid that any makeup you put on will melt very quickly. I decided that it is not worth to put on eye shadow (to start with.. they just melt) and put on very basic makeup. Just for coverage and sun protection. That’s why the focus is on the skincare.

there is a lot more to this on part 2, as I will discuss why I buy those brands.. it might be of someone’s interest, also the way to buy in Hong Kong.
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  1. Nice haul! we're nearly in the same time zone! haha...

    i have the same defense powder.. didnt work for me... but hope it works for you!

    the laneige serum/lotion looks interesting :)

  2. The mega haul starts here!!! I know that I am going to LOVE watching what you get.

    I have those Kose paper masks - they are great!!

  3. WOW! I just love your haul!!

    I'll be off to Heathrow T5 Duty Free tomorrow morning!

    Can't wait to see more posts on your hauls!

  4. HEY EVE!! did you get anything from SOGO yesterday?? I caved in and bought the Bobbi Brown set T.T

  5. Hi it's me again, i gave up and started a blog lol...
    befriend me and you'd see my hauls soon haha

  6. hey jennifer
    I bought the borghese blue mud and whitening eye masque, also a necklace from Maclook.
    seroiusly damage and seriously damage to my image to sogo, where's recession?



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