Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T.B.C Shopping Guide for the Girls Best Friend

Sorry not updating as much as I want to. I have been rather busy as I am trying to sort various things out in Hk, still suffering from jet leg meaning I find any excuse to stay home in the afternoon to sleep.

Another reason is to shop for the girl’s best friend –Diamond ring. We have formally asked the parents and so, in a typical Evie’s style, the first thing in mind was to shop for the signature ring.

If there’s any bride-to-be, and you are thinking of doing this shopping in Hong Kong. I hope my experience will serve as a reference.

Both of us have absolutely no knowledge on diamond, nor jewellery buying. We decided to go to the big reputable shops in Causeway Bay, and our first stop is in Times Square basement where around 5 jewellery shop based there. We learn a few basic knowledge, ready-made ring versus buying the diamond without frame. I finally narrow it down to – heart, pear and square shape to look it. Round diamonds are far too common so I decided for the sake of finding a ring in a short space of time, this can be skipped. Every shop we went to offered drinks.. and all diamond are categorised clearly on their 4C’s, which is very helpful. However with our budget, we can only stretch for ½ carat to maximum 0.71 carat. Thinking Hong Kong is a civilised society with no haggling, we were dismay and went home.

you pay for the price, an advert from one of the big reputable jeweler

I then did further research and found out, even buying from big reputable shop on the high street, you can at least haggle the price down for 20% as a minimum, and sometimes offer up to 40% as well. One thing is if you found anything and you really want a good bargain. Go to the shop first thing in the morning. It is a Chinese auspicious belief it brings good luck you make the business first thing in the morning (or shop opening), so they generally offer further discount if you are the first business of the day.

a 3 piece cluster heart ring, err without the frame please
I was split between the pear shape and a clustered heart, consist of 2 half-ciruclat diamond and 1 pricness cut diamond. And went to the internet for research. I found for my budget I can get the same thing in UK without the need to travel to Hong Kong. This is the biggest indication I’m being ripped off. I called my friend P, who’s father is in the diamond business for help. Her dad immediately return my calls and asked about my requirement, also giving me a lesson on what not to buy. He said I should not buy ‘pear’ shape as it is considered unlucky. Pear in Chinese has the same pronouciation as ‘separation’, so I asked if he can find me anything and he’ll return my call next.

exactly where my grandma's jeweler is, in the middle of a market

I then called the older generation, AKA grandmother for help. She offered to take me to her market jeweller, who only opens his little market stall (made of wooden board) in the morning. We missed our 1st appointment because it rained too heavily. Then we went again. Unfortunately, he said due to the bad economy, there’s very little demand and very little supply in the market. He told me the heart cluster ring only worth 10% as the resale value. But he has something in mind and he’ll come back to me in a week’s time.

Sheung Wan, hidden gem for jewelry buying

we then went to sheung wan as I remembered there’s a few jewellery shop around. This is a hidden gem, there’s around 10 shops offering cheaper diamond rings. The difference is that they are either second hand, or without certificate.

We walked in to a few shops and one of shops has 3 heart shape one-piece diamond ring over 1 carat on sale. We asked and enquire and it is within our budget. We went away knowing if anything happens, there’s something out there.

My friend’s dad called back, he said he found us 2 diamond within our budget and requirement, one in square and one in oval shape. My friend’s uncle will help with framing the diamond to our requirement. So I arrange to see the diamond on the same day as I see my grandma’s jeweler.

Lesson learnt:

Same money can get you:

Big reputable jewellery : 0.5 carat
A friend’s recommendation: 0.9 with certificate
Second hand jewellery: over 1 carat

Yet to confirm which one I'll choose I will let you all know very soon


  1. ooh i hope u find what u want
    i just realised i forgot to follow ur blog, how silly! fixing that now

    btw i dont get to hk till 9th july T-T

  2. oh i cant wait to hear what u choose! hk has way better designs too!

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  4. Hi

    I so knew this was in the cards!! especially with that bouquet of flowers!! hope you get what you want...btw...there's always first anniversary, first baby, first baby boy as well! hehe...



  5. nutty,
    dun scare me pls!!! no baby business in this stage >_< was talking to S abt ring, and he said that he can always buy me a better ring in 10 years time. I then remind him how he'll have less spare cash and the possibility of buying a bigger one in the current status is errr small....
    am I too cruel?

  6. Hi Eve! I've been a silent reader for a while. First of all congratz! Wow buying a diamond ring can be pretty frustrating but you got the research done really well =) I hope you find the one you love soon!



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