Monday, June 1, 2009

will be back real soon plus little annoucement

hi girls.
sorry for the non-update. things get out of hand completely for the following reasons:

  1. my mobile internet is very restricted. I can't really use the bandwidth until they gave me the extra allowance on 4th June
  2. I just been to Beijing for 4 days, unhappy experience but I'll report on the weather and what to bring for Beijing summer
  3. I have been quarantined in Beijing Airport for 1.5 hours as a swine flue suspect. My body temperature just 37.1'C with no air-con in the airport, and they let me go when I told them I'm there for my father's shop opening.
  4. My dad blame my quarantin on my weight. His comment ' Dieting is woman's lifetime job. you can't quit for one day' hello? My BMI is only 24.5
  5. My laptop is completely broken down. I struggle to find money even to fix it. using the eepc atm for all computer related work
  6. My trip so far been dominated the following things: weddings
the bouquet you saw was my friend. Back in Jan, she asked if I can be her bridemaids and I promised her I'll be back in time. She gave me the bouquet and wished me well.

The diamond ring is for myself. We have asked for the permission and I'm getting married in Oct 2010.

Have been really busy because of the proposal. Telling my parents, telling S' parents, meeting the parents, organising the ring. We've tried to do things as simple as possible but even it is 1 year away, there's so much to do.

I'll update with reviews and pics as soon as 4th June arrive. I'm already writing, just can't post due to bandwidth.

I've update my right hand column to show what's coming. Hopefully everyone can stay tune.

P.S For those who asked / email for CP: sorry I haven't reply.


  1. Do take care. Hope that you will enjoy the rest of your trip :) and it will be extremely smooth to make up for the hiccups

  2. congratulations! everything sounds rather dramatic. hope things goes smoothly !:)

  3. Congratulation! So sweet:-D

    Im sorry to hear ur experience in Beijing, my friends was quarantined for quite much longer for having a temperature,grr. You shouldn't listen to your dad, I know especially being in Hong Kong where people are competing to be the thinnest puts a lot of pressure on people. Your BMI is perfectly healthy and I don't think having the so-called perfect figure helps much in life. I admire someone with knowledge like your PHD much much more.

  4. Congrats on the engagement!!

    Ignore your dad....none of his biz!!



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