Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick review, Shiseido Anessa and Maybelline Angelfit range

I have been a good girl. Since my uber-big haul with Jennifer, I didn’t buy a single makeup/skincare item, but I have been window shopping at Watsons and Sasa.

We all know how great these two places are, so I went in thinking I’ll always come out with something in hand.

Went to Watson and Sasa in Aberdeen which is a smaller shop compare to those in the city area. They all have branches spread all over Hong Kong but they don’t really stock makeup in all the Watsons branches. There’s also another drugstore called Mannings, but they are more focus on skincare, you can find Neutrogena and My Beauty Dairies Mask there in very good price.

This is my haul:

MM Mascara

Maybelline Angelfit Foundation W07 (This shade is only available in HK)

Maybelline Angelfit Blush Coral Orange

This is my very quick review:

Anessa Perfect Sparkle Sunscreen N SPF 50+ PA+++

Price: $220 HKD

Reason for Buying: (also called how you convince yourself spend the money in mind)

It is summer, and I heard this is not oily at all, good for body and face


I heard from somewhere that sunscreen expires after 3 months of opening, so when I bought it in a way of impulse buying, I regretted it. I saw there are sunscreen costing at least 5 times less than this.

However, it is really good. I can apply on face without blotting even with makeup on top, and it has little sparkles on body as well. I always thought sunscreen is oily and sticky. Anessa totally changed my view.

Plus, on the logic of you can only use it for 3 months, then splashing a bottle for both face and body is very reasonable.

Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation W07

Price : $119 (on top 5% discount)

Reason for buying:

I can’t use BB cream in HK, it gives me acne on my forehead, so I need a foundation, but I don’t want to use up my LM as my daily foundation, and want to try this Asia only line.


I am totally surprise. I was torn between shade W02 or W07 and bought W07 just in case. (W02 for NC20-25, W07 is defintiely for NC25-30) It suits me well. It gives me a glow and it has really high coverage. It is funny because I look whiter indoors with this foundation than outdoor. It gives a better perfect finish compare to LM, but I can’t then tell people I didn’t put make up on because of the glow.

Very little of this goes a long way. Here’s how much I use:

I put it on from 10am until 9pm, and ok I have been indoors with very little movement, I retouch it at 5pm (with my Ettusais two-way cake, just on the chin)and that’s all. Money well spent. Definitely re-purchase.

Maybelline Angelfit Blush – Coral Orange

Reason for purchase:

This is to replace my Bobbi Brown Coral Blush which I threw away as it is more than 8 years old. I tested it and it stayed on the back of my hand more than 6 hrs and therefore I decided to take it home.

Price: $69 HKD


Jezz… I never ever use a blush that is this pigmented. It took me ages to blend to a natural glow and it stays on.. errr 10 hours without retouching. How can this happen? Is it because it is a cheap blush? (that’s why it is hard to blend) or it is just super-pigmented to be good? I don’t know

I like the colour a lot.. only if I dun need to spend 3 mins blending it out….


My engagement ring

Next post is coming very soon... promised...


  1. Hi! I've just followed your blog a couple wks ago.. I keep hearing that the Maybelline Angelfit foundation is really good! Have you tried the Revlon Colorstay? I think Angelfit might be even better. Definitely going to pick it up in Japan after reading your review~ :)

  2. beautiful ring!!

    nice pics.. hmm im curious about the maybelline foundation but i think it offers too coverage than i really need..

    i recommend to use a stippling blush for blushes, blending might be easier :)

  3. hey your ring!! i haven't got the chance to congratulate you :) my internship is keeping me very busy! do you still need the Sasa/bonjour spree?

  4. Congrats on your ring..can you show closeups ;-)



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