Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Hong Kong + Beijing –no more BB cream

I have been baby-sitting all the time in Bejing, and what do you do with kids? Make sure you have a game console, and they will then sit quietly like a robot. Perfect!

In Hong Kong + Beijing –no more BB cream

I can finally settle down a bit and upload a few pics.

yes bon Maman jam. Cost 50p in Beijing.

My hotel room in Bejing. Best Western Airpot Hotel. Apparently, Beijing has a rule that only if the temperature is over 26’C then the air-conditioning can be switched on. Most of my time is spent sweating under the super-thick duvet naked in bed.

here’s my makeup bag, so messy right? I took nearly everything with me and put them in it. On the left, in the long black bag, are all my foundations. The big bag is with point makeup.

Now onto the long-awaiting beauty post:

No more BB cream…

Why all of a sudden? I thought BB cream is more suitable in the hot weather so except the new LM foundation which I brought with me for a just in case purpose. I brought most of my BB cream wth me. L’egere and Nanoce. Unfortunately, just after 1 day in Hong Kong, the BB cream is not applying smoothly on my face. Especially on my forehead, it is blocking pores and I started to get pimples. Also, all my T-zone area become soo dry that I can’t even use Powder at all. I tried with Nanoce, because it is thicker than L’gere, it looks really horrid on me. I tried L’egere, still not working, especially the foundation is ‘floating’ up on my face after 3-4 hours.

So my make-up routine change. I’m totally in love with Anessa Sunscreen, it is with SPF 50+ and I can apply both on face and body, also for some reason it is quite hydrating so it applies smoothly on my face, I then use the LM foundation in Bamboo Beige (good match) and it has perfect cover. In this combination, it really last for a long time. I need not to apply until early evening.

I’ll promise to update more. Very very soon…


  1. argh i dont like that aircon rule!!

    i like tinted moisturisor in hot weather! maybe u can try that ^^

  2. Ah Beijing! So much fun~ I hope you're having a good time.. aside from the kids.. ahaha

  3. Bon Maman is how much?? seee how us Londoners get robbed??

  4. aww sorry to hear about the bb cream.. wow china has many rules o_O

  5. Beijing! I love it!! I am always wearing long sleeves in places like China and Dubai, where the air con is turbo--and it dries out my eyes so much that I can't wear contacts!

    I agree with you that the only way I can wear BB cream in that kind of weather is to mix it with a waterproof makeup--that's what I do in India and Central America.

    Hope you are recovering from all your travel trauma!!

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