Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding and beauty tips

seems I keep running mini-series, oh well.. my friend just send me the photos from her wedding day. Thought it is quite interesting..

I booked a make-up artist for the dayand had my makeup session at home. I thought her home will be very congested/crowded so it is better to do it in leisure. It took 1.5 hr for hair and makeup, and surprising, the makeup kept for the whole day. There’s a few secret I observed

1. Apply foundation powder carefully and make sure it applied and covered every inch of your skin.
2. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and the false eyelashes didn’t stick. However, by using MM mascara, we manage to re-create the same effect
3. There’s no need to reapply/re-do makeup during the day. My MU Artist said you only need to blot with tissues. Starbucks napkin is the best for blotting.
4. No concealer is needed if you apply your foundation well. She used Shu Uemura liquid foundation on me and there’s no need for concealer at all

I have done all the necessary shopping in Hong Kong,
• engagement ring: made.
• Wedding dress: paid,
• Parents: told
• Wedding ring: quoted
• Honeymoon: planned
• Wedding banquet: decided

I probably covered everything I need to cover in Hong Kong and relieved.

Ooo.. very finally:
I went to Watsons in Causeway Bay today, spotted all the Japanese drugstore brand, they’re doing promotion on Granesebon and K-Palette with 15% off, the price is around £1 cheaper than Japan and thinking of snapping up the foundation from Granesebon… ( shame I can’t snap up the blush coz they only stock 3 colours of the blush in stead of 8)

Also just compare price, Lavschuca seems to be a lot cheaper in Hong Kong, the eyeshadow quad is around $90 only, which is £7.5. I think I’ll snap up a few..

For some reason, the MM counter in Watsons is filled with sales.. I wanted to play with the mascara and quad but feel pressurised all the time. I’ll probably pick up their mascara before my Japan trip and buy a Lavschuca quad instead (better value anyway)

(Jennifer: are you tempted to come with me??)


  1. ooh u have accomplished a lot on ur trip!!

  2. omgggg you did a lot with this hk trip, congrats!!

  3. Hi Eve! Congratz again! Thanks for posting all the shopping info cous I will be going back to HK sometime this year and I'm totally clueless on where to get great deals on beauty products. =P

  4. Wow wedding!! So much to plan huh? I'm so excited for you haha. Hope you're having a great time!!

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