Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Questions to readers: to buy or not to buy?

Questions to readers: to buy or not to buy?

I am now in frankfurt but not really going out to explore. I have too much to do, and my hotel room unlimited mini bar just KO. But since S told me I've been very good (for coming to frankfurt for him) he's allowing me to buy 1 thing. Clothing? Cosmetics? Bag whatever.

I finally bought a foundation which I'm very happy with. Maybelline Pure Mineral foundation. (My Revlon Colorstay which I bought just a few days ago was far too dark, I'll put it on blog sale very soon) so i'll definitely review that.

great foundation, with great colour match. (I am a NC30 definitely.. so I got 30 Sand)

got color shade 340, which is a bit dark and it oxidate during the day. I need to get the one which is 310 or lighter

So since I got this 1 and only one gift I can get, I want your opinion of what to get.

Should I get:


I want something to replace my IPSA sponge foundation, and I have been using that same sponge for over 4 years... I think it needs to retire very soon

Cath Kidston Stand up tote

I struggle even I have a million bag, but this bag has all the compartments so that you won't lose any keys/phones/essentials in the bag. It is very well organise and fit my Sony A200 DSLR

Or anything I should I get while in Germany? Any great skincare/makeup or just anything I should get?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My recent chaotic life

My recent chaotic life...

While I made the effort to blog nearly once a day (and thanks for all those who come here... I see numbers going up and up) I am chased by a grueling schedule.

  1. I am leaving for frankfurt tomorrow for some work

  2. I got a flu and PMS.. bad bad combination

  3. I got a 4000 words deadline on the proceedings paper which I need to submit

  4. 2 conference paper proposal to submit

  5. Accounting all my income and expenses since 07 All coz of my laziness

All to end by 30 th sept. in 4 days..

did I do anything of these? no.. I think I'll be stuck in frankfurt working my arse out.

So I present you..

the cutest cat of all

Dao dao eating cupcakes..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My HG Foundation

My 2 cents on foundations

So it’s a summary post and sharing my view on foundation. If I ever want to go out and wear just 1 thing, it must be foundation.

I have funny skin, My left face is more scarred than right so I need some foundation to cover it up. I yet to find a perfect concealer yet (any suggestions welcome for both acne scar and under eye area) so foundation is important as ever.

That pic shows my current usable collection this is based on 1 thing only, shade!! Why wear the wrong shade? I rather pay and invest (just as I did this Sunday, splash on Lancome Color Ideal when I should stick with Revlon Color foundation) on the perfect foundation (and let that cute guy stroke my face hmmm)

So heres what good for different shades and when I use it (and I certainly hear S screaming, IT’S ALL JUST FOUNDATION.. AREN’T THEY THE SAME?)

Nanoce BB cream 02:

My best friend in BB Cream. It gives you coverage, SPF, what else you want to ask for? And suit my NC30 skin in near perfection (near.... near...)

My only problem with this is the smell, but it is totally bearable, and I have a second tube in stock as well.

Skinfood BB cream Mushroom 02

My 1 st bb cream, however it is too light on me now. I think it is more for NC25 or a light NC30. The texture is really thick and little goes a long way. I used this when I'm travelling.

Skinfood BB cream Aloe 02

My spare skinfood bb cream that is yet to be used. The colour looks fine and it has a runnier texture, and darker as well. Why i'm not using it? I'm waiting for my mushroom bb to hit the pan first

L’egere Shiny BB cream (Red tube)

I love this and now hate it. I love it as it is sheer and long lasting. I hate it coz it doesn't give a lot of coverage. I can use this on a good skin day, but on the days when I have bad skin (I.e PMS) then I need to skip it.

I have 2 tubes and will use it as a base rather than on its on

Maybelline angelfit W07

My HG at the moment. Perfect colour and very good coverage. However, it does not have SPF which doesn't bother me. I put on my Anessa sunscreen which is SPF 50 and it is not oily at all! I survive my HK trip using this and kept this until now.

Chanel Tinted moisturizer

On a quick shopping trip, I put this on and that's all. It is now in the right shade (sigh.. yes the SA is right, you get tanned in summer and you need something little bit darker) but the coverage is not good. This is my travel moisturisier which I probably take with me for my trip to frankfurt next week

Lancome Color Stay 03

My latest collection in the perfect shade for now. But, I won't reocmmend this as it is super expensive (26 GBP!!! I can buy at least 2 tubes of Angelfit) it has a bit of SPF (8) but not enough coverage. It does give a smooth surface. I should stick to my original choice of the full coverage in the lancome foundation collection.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Water Angel 5-in-1 moisturising gel review (Q10 Version)

Water Angel 5-in-1 moisturising gel review (Q10 Version)

So another rare find. I seems to have a taste looking for some awkward products that not many people use.

I found this again during my shopping in japan and has become my fave. I even hit the pan of this (not easy for me with moisturiser, I usually stopped halfway to find something else)

Reason for buying:

I was trying to look for a cheap alternative to the Dr Ci:Labo moisturiser, the gel one which Kathi reviewed. I seriously can't afford nearly 7000/8000 yen for that so I was constantly looking out for an alternative. I know there was an alternative and there's actually a few. On top of my head there was the Ju Ju Aqua moist gel which is a close alternative. But!! on the ju Ju packing, it doesn't mention it is 5-in1, including toning, moisturising, serum, base for foundation and whitening. But Water Angel does say it is a 5-in-1 moisturiser

sorry about the flash, I want to show you I have reach the pan there.


I clearly remembered it is only 1575 yen for 50 g (not even close to that 4000 yen as I put the link)

and roughly 3500 yen for 150 g (150 g!!!! love that size) that's rougly $40 for 150 g...


for all the moisturising gel I have tried, this is the lightest of all, including H2O aqua gel or Lancome hydra Zen. It is really light and quick to absorb.

It comes with no scent, and just very pale yellow-ish gel.

very light as you can see from my back of the hand

My verdict:

Absolutely love this and definitely a good replacement from the Dr Ci:Labo. It cost only 1/3 of the price of Dr Ci:Labo and do the same job, with same texture. I tried both on my hand when I was playing around in japan and see, they're nearly the same, except Dr Ci:Labo changed the colour of their gel according to which one you buy.

I just read their introduction on some of their rakuten listing, you can also use this on your body. And the Water comes from Shikoku, and various claim which I am lazy to translate (I blame dao for his attention seeking meow at this point)

My skin has less spots definitely from using this, and it seem with the combination for the Lamcome Gel Eclat my face has cleaned up a lot. I am trying to use less foundation to help the clear my skin as much as possible.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a light water based moisturiser and defnitely for those who are looking for an alternative to the Dr:Ci labo star product.

Marie Claire Eyeshadow review

Maire Claire Eyeshadow (S-04) review - a rare find

So.. after all these posts, this is my first eye shadow post. It is rather interesting coz I have a very fuzzy taste. I have big eyes and darker skin ton, and prefer natural makeup. Unfortunately, that means it is rather difficult finding a 'natural' tone for my eyes not to make them look horrible. I generally skip eyeshadow as I can't find good colour to match.

When I was in Japan I met up with Nicnic and bought some Visee eyeshadow. Still I miss a purple / pink tone and went shopping again with my academic friend. I saw this eyeshadow in the drugstore and I thought hmmm that's really interesting.

fr top and left:

White gel base

Pink for lid area

Purple for corner

dark purple as liner

The back:

Image from website:

The swatch

very very sheer

How to wear:


nice as I prefer the colour to pile up as I apply, meaning if I want a heavier touch I apply roughly 2-3 layers.

My opinion:

For a very natural look, I definitely like this eyeshadow quad. For others, perhaps it is far too sheer to way. I particular like the dark purple colour as liner as it can be used on its own. The packaging is very pretty compare to other brands eyeshadow. And I remember I was struggling to get this or Aube.

For those who never heard of it (so do I before buying this quad) here's the website:


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Blogger World – Meetup with Kay and Jamilla plus other updates

Back to Blogger World – Meetup with Kay and Jamilla plus other updates


I'm back. Serious. I just sent my parents away and finally have some time to myself (and Dao). Been a really busy week as the following happens, so much so I need to put in bullet point

  1. I bid for my wedding on ebay. It'll happen in Wales

  2. My parents decided on a surprise trip from HK to UK, and stayed for 2 nights.. I was a tour guide back in Westfields

  3. My supervisor is back from Australia to uk and another terrifying meeting

  4. I have officially setup my own company for my own sanity

  5. I am joining a club house with personal trainer as baking cupcakes are not helping me losing those weight I need to

  6. Booked my trip to Frankfurt to keep S company, and some further trips as well

I really need to blog coz I feel I owe Kay and Jamilla a post. I met up with Kay and Jamilla in Westfields, London last Sunday and spent most of the day together. Of course we chat and chat and chat and shopped!

This is the love package I received from Kay. Candies (I ate the mango one and pulled the package out from bin again) nail polish (desperately need them) and samples (need more and more of these as I am travelling very heavily. Thank you kay.. and really nice to meet you

I have decided to make myself blog once a day and at least twice a day. So I just spent around 30 mins taking photos of all the products that I need to write a review about, and there's around 49 of them. So watch out ladies!!

I probably start off with some of those unusual products. Marie Claire eyeshadow anyone?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love Eve Blog Sales

Dao: I am watching it everyday as well...

Love Eve Blog sales

I have finally updated the sales blog page, so feel free to have a browse.

I am offering swap items at the same time on the blog, so feel free to have a look. All buying instructions are available on the blog.

All profits go to Dao's insurance fund.... ….

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Wales Trip / Blogger meetup:

I'm back! Since I have this new job and brain stuck on the phd... I rarely have time to try out beauty products. In fact:

I have been a no-buy for beauty products for nearly 2 months!!!

Anything I reviewed are those products I bought in Hong Kong/Japan etc. sorry it is slow but it is coming together.

I met up with some blogger ladies (Yumeko, Jamilla, miss_Waterlily, Yinnie) last week. We usually exchange some Love! Here's some photo

Pink box fr Yinnie: lovely DHC Examples

Yumeko: with lovely drawings, my beauty diaries masks and some yummies

Jamilla: DSK Earrrings!! My first!!!!

What did I contribute:


thank you Yinnie for taking the photo... all credits to her!

they are what I called Autumn Festival special, made with Lotus seed paste inside. I love making Oriental Fusion cupcakes.

So my welsh trip:

What do you do?

We saw:



and a pub

We went to Snowdonia which is quite deep inside Wales, it is around 6 hours drive from London and guess who did the driving? Me!!! None of the man can drive a manual car so me and my Matiz cruise through Liverpool down to Wales and back to London again.

We went to lots of places so heres the photos

stopped at a bridge with beautiful river view

another bridge to go across to take those sheep photos

There are many of waterfalls around Snowdonia and we went to three...

The ugly house. The tale goes if you can built a house overnight then you can claim the land. So 2 brothers built this overnight and called it the Ugly House





We went to the Caernarfon Castle where prince of Wales was investitured, and introduced Diana to the people in Wales.

We went to the Snowdonia railway but it was such a disappointed. Overly priced, crowded, foggy.. and nothing to do in the train nor up in the peak.

Me: I'm bored! Get me out of here

Me: since we paid 25 quid each.. lets take as many photos as we can

and finally, for those girls coming to London, you must try to order this dessert without laughing out laugh

the Spotted Dick!

And here: me pointing out the distance we travelled from Wales to London.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rankin Live

Rankin live

I just did a photoshoot with Rankin, a famous portrait photographer

Can't help not posting it. Unfortunately it is rather ugly as I love making funny faces (compare to those pics on this website, who pose beautifully)


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