Monday, September 7, 2009

My Wales Trip / Blogger meetup:

I'm back! Since I have this new job and brain stuck on the phd... I rarely have time to try out beauty products. In fact:

I have been a no-buy for beauty products for nearly 2 months!!!

Anything I reviewed are those products I bought in Hong Kong/Japan etc. sorry it is slow but it is coming together.

I met up with some blogger ladies (Yumeko, Jamilla, miss_Waterlily, Yinnie) last week. We usually exchange some Love! Here's some photo

Pink box fr Yinnie: lovely DHC Examples

Yumeko: with lovely drawings, my beauty diaries masks and some yummies

Jamilla: DSK Earrrings!! My first!!!!

What did I contribute:


thank you Yinnie for taking the photo... all credits to her!

they are what I called Autumn Festival special, made with Lotus seed paste inside. I love making Oriental Fusion cupcakes.

So my welsh trip:

What do you do?

We saw:



and a pub

We went to Snowdonia which is quite deep inside Wales, it is around 6 hours drive from London and guess who did the driving? Me!!! None of the man can drive a manual car so me and my Matiz cruise through Liverpool down to Wales and back to London again.

We went to lots of places so heres the photos

stopped at a bridge with beautiful river view

another bridge to go across to take those sheep photos

There are many of waterfalls around Snowdonia and we went to three...

The ugly house. The tale goes if you can built a house overnight then you can claim the land. So 2 brothers built this overnight and called it the Ugly House





We went to the Caernarfon Castle where prince of Wales was investitured, and introduced Diana to the people in Wales.

We went to the Snowdonia railway but it was such a disappointed. Overly priced, crowded, foggy.. and nothing to do in the train nor up in the peak.

Me: I'm bored! Get me out of here

Me: since we paid 25 quid each.. lets take as many photos as we can

and finally, for those girls coming to London, you must try to order this dessert without laughing out laugh

the Spotted Dick!

And here: me pointing out the distance we travelled from Wales to London.

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  1. haha you came to were I live.. Yay Wales :3..So many people visit london in uk.. not many to wales.. ><

    Look like you had fun..
    mmmm..spotted dick lols.
    Cute cupcakes you made.



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