Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Questions to readers: to buy or not to buy?

Questions to readers: to buy or not to buy?

I am now in frankfurt but not really going out to explore. I have too much to do, and my hotel room unlimited mini bar just KO. But since S told me I've been very good (for coming to frankfurt for him) he's allowing me to buy 1 thing. Clothing? Cosmetics? Bag whatever.

I finally bought a foundation which I'm very happy with. Maybelline Pure Mineral foundation. (My Revlon Colorstay which I bought just a few days ago was far too dark, I'll put it on blog sale very soon) so i'll definitely review that.

great foundation, with great colour match. (I am a NC30 definitely.. so I got 30 Sand)

got color shade 340, which is a bit dark and it oxidate during the day. I need to get the one which is 310 or lighter

So since I got this 1 and only one gift I can get, I want your opinion of what to get.

Should I get:


I want something to replace my IPSA sponge foundation, and I have been using that same sponge for over 4 years... I think it needs to retire very soon

Cath Kidston Stand up tote

I struggle even I have a million bag, but this bag has all the compartments so that you won't lose any keys/phones/essentials in the bag. It is very well organise and fit my Sony A200 DSLR

Or anything I should I get while in Germany? Any great skincare/makeup or just anything I should get?


  1. Yes, get the new sponge!!

    I love the Cath Kidston tote too.

    I always buy my NICI Sheep in Germany ;-) Try Jolly Mah..they are adorable!!

  2. ALLLL of themmm. lol. just blackmail s. [threaten him by not offering him any of your delicious cupcakes!] =D

    seriously though, The beauty sponge has ravve reviews. seems like s good investment=DD

    yinnie, [on someone elses account]

  3. Yeah get the beauty blender! Especially if you've been using the same sponge for 4 yrs!
    I like that Cath Kidston tote... but think about if it is practical for everyday. Loving the print but for you is it good for all situations (professional and for pleasure?) Hehe trying to save your budget here..
    And for stuff to buy in Germany, go get some Labello lipbalms! Love them~ Also you should take a visit to Hermes department (not to be mistaken with Hermes high end brand). And maybe they might have some stuff in the pharmacy like Vitacreme B12 or other cool pharmacy only items that you can get in countries like France.

  4. That bag looks really cute and unique!! :]

  5. The beauty blender is really awesome, you should def. get it.... and the bag too since it's so cute! XD



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