Monday, September 21, 2009

Marie Claire Eyeshadow review

Maire Claire Eyeshadow (S-04) review - a rare find

So.. after all these posts, this is my first eye shadow post. It is rather interesting coz I have a very fuzzy taste. I have big eyes and darker skin ton, and prefer natural makeup. Unfortunately, that means it is rather difficult finding a 'natural' tone for my eyes not to make them look horrible. I generally skip eyeshadow as I can't find good colour to match.

When I was in Japan I met up with Nicnic and bought some Visee eyeshadow. Still I miss a purple / pink tone and went shopping again with my academic friend. I saw this eyeshadow in the drugstore and I thought hmmm that's really interesting.

fr top and left:

White gel base

Pink for lid area

Purple for corner

dark purple as liner

The back:

Image from website:

The swatch

very very sheer

How to wear:


nice as I prefer the colour to pile up as I apply, meaning if I want a heavier touch I apply roughly 2-3 layers.

My opinion:

For a very natural look, I definitely like this eyeshadow quad. For others, perhaps it is far too sheer to way. I particular like the dark purple colour as liner as it can be used on its own. The packaging is very pretty compare to other brands eyeshadow. And I remember I was struggling to get this or Aube.

For those who never heard of it (so do I before buying this quad) here's the website:


  1. i have never bought anything from this brand but i have seen it in store often. so its lovely to see ur review.

    thanks for the welcome home!
    lovely meeting u, see u next year in japan!

  2. oooo I hadn't seen this yet! The colors are so subtle but pretty.
    Is the white supposed to be a primer? Do the shadows crease?



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