Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Blogger World – Meetup with Kay and Jamilla plus other updates

Back to Blogger World – Meetup with Kay and Jamilla plus other updates


I'm back. Serious. I just sent my parents away and finally have some time to myself (and Dao). Been a really busy week as the following happens, so much so I need to put in bullet point

  1. I bid for my wedding on ebay. It'll happen in Wales

  2. My parents decided on a surprise trip from HK to UK, and stayed for 2 nights.. I was a tour guide back in Westfields

  3. My supervisor is back from Australia to uk and another terrifying meeting

  4. I have officially setup my own company for my own sanity

  5. I am joining a club house with personal trainer as baking cupcakes are not helping me losing those weight I need to

  6. Booked my trip to Frankfurt to keep S company, and some further trips as well

I really need to blog coz I feel I owe Kay and Jamilla a post. I met up with Kay and Jamilla in Westfields, London last Sunday and spent most of the day together. Of course we chat and chat and chat and shopped!

This is the love package I received from Kay. Candies (I ate the mango one and pulled the package out from bin again) nail polish (desperately need them) and samples (need more and more of these as I am travelling very heavily. Thank you kay.. and really nice to meet you

I have decided to make myself blog once a day and at least twice a day. So I just spent around 30 mins taking photos of all the products that I need to write a review about, and there's around 49 of them. So watch out ladies!!

I probably start off with some of those unusual products. Marie Claire eyeshadow anyone?


  1. It was so fun shopping with you and Kay!! Best of luck with your wedding post pics of the venue!!

    love to Dao Dao!

  2. i saw MC palettes in japan and swatched some colors.. it's not bad :)



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