Monday, September 21, 2009

Water Angel 5-in-1 moisturising gel review (Q10 Version)

Water Angel 5-in-1 moisturising gel review (Q10 Version)

So another rare find. I seems to have a taste looking for some awkward products that not many people use.

I found this again during my shopping in japan and has become my fave. I even hit the pan of this (not easy for me with moisturiser, I usually stopped halfway to find something else)

Reason for buying:

I was trying to look for a cheap alternative to the Dr Ci:Labo moisturiser, the gel one which Kathi reviewed. I seriously can't afford nearly 7000/8000 yen for that so I was constantly looking out for an alternative. I know there was an alternative and there's actually a few. On top of my head there was the Ju Ju Aqua moist gel which is a close alternative. But!! on the ju Ju packing, it doesn't mention it is 5-in1, including toning, moisturising, serum, base for foundation and whitening. But Water Angel does say it is a 5-in-1 moisturiser

sorry about the flash, I want to show you I have reach the pan there.


I clearly remembered it is only 1575 yen for 50 g (not even close to that 4000 yen as I put the link)

and roughly 3500 yen for 150 g (150 g!!!! love that size) that's rougly $40 for 150 g...


for all the moisturising gel I have tried, this is the lightest of all, including H2O aqua gel or Lancome hydra Zen. It is really light and quick to absorb.

It comes with no scent, and just very pale yellow-ish gel.

very light as you can see from my back of the hand

My verdict:

Absolutely love this and definitely a good replacement from the Dr Ci:Labo. It cost only 1/3 of the price of Dr Ci:Labo and do the same job, with same texture. I tried both on my hand when I was playing around in japan and see, they're nearly the same, except Dr Ci:Labo changed the colour of their gel according to which one you buy.

I just read their introduction on some of their rakuten listing, you can also use this on your body. And the Water comes from Shikoku, and various claim which I am lazy to translate (I blame dao for his attention seeking meow at this point)

My skin has less spots definitely from using this, and it seem with the combination for the Lamcome Gel Eclat my face has cleaned up a lot. I am trying to use less foundation to help the clear my skin as much as possible.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a light water based moisturiser and defnitely for those who are looking for an alternative to the Dr:Ci labo star product.

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  1. hi =) love your posts, this product reminds me of Nars Aqua Gel =) have you tried it?
    its very expensive, but comes in a massive tub.



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