Thursday, September 24, 2009

My HG Foundation

My 2 cents on foundations

So it’s a summary post and sharing my view on foundation. If I ever want to go out and wear just 1 thing, it must be foundation.

I have funny skin, My left face is more scarred than right so I need some foundation to cover it up. I yet to find a perfect concealer yet (any suggestions welcome for both acne scar and under eye area) so foundation is important as ever.

That pic shows my current usable collection this is based on 1 thing only, shade!! Why wear the wrong shade? I rather pay and invest (just as I did this Sunday, splash on Lancome Color Ideal when I should stick with Revlon Color foundation) on the perfect foundation (and let that cute guy stroke my face hmmm)

So heres what good for different shades and when I use it (and I certainly hear S screaming, IT’S ALL JUST FOUNDATION.. AREN’T THEY THE SAME?)

Nanoce BB cream 02:

My best friend in BB Cream. It gives you coverage, SPF, what else you want to ask for? And suit my NC30 skin in near perfection (near.... near...)

My only problem with this is the smell, but it is totally bearable, and I have a second tube in stock as well.

Skinfood BB cream Mushroom 02

My 1 st bb cream, however it is too light on me now. I think it is more for NC25 or a light NC30. The texture is really thick and little goes a long way. I used this when I'm travelling.

Skinfood BB cream Aloe 02

My spare skinfood bb cream that is yet to be used. The colour looks fine and it has a runnier texture, and darker as well. Why i'm not using it? I'm waiting for my mushroom bb to hit the pan first

L’egere Shiny BB cream (Red tube)

I love this and now hate it. I love it as it is sheer and long lasting. I hate it coz it doesn't give a lot of coverage. I can use this on a good skin day, but on the days when I have bad skin (I.e PMS) then I need to skip it.

I have 2 tubes and will use it as a base rather than on its on

Maybelline angelfit W07

My HG at the moment. Perfect colour and very good coverage. However, it does not have SPF which doesn't bother me. I put on my Anessa sunscreen which is SPF 50 and it is not oily at all! I survive my HK trip using this and kept this until now.

Chanel Tinted moisturizer

On a quick shopping trip, I put this on and that's all. It is now in the right shade (sigh.. yes the SA is right, you get tanned in summer and you need something little bit darker) but the coverage is not good. This is my travel moisturisier which I probably take with me for my trip to frankfurt next week

Lancome Color Stay 03

My latest collection in the perfect shade for now. But, I won't reocmmend this as it is super expensive (26 GBP!!! I can buy at least 2 tubes of Angelfit) it has a bit of SPF (8) but not enough coverage. It does give a smooth surface. I should stick to my original choice of the full coverage in the lancome foundation collection.


  1. Thanks for the post!

    I'm going back to Westfield on Saturday...!

  2. Hi!

    Nice to meet you, this is my first time on your blog and I really love it. I'm def. a new follower and fan.

    Thanks for these reviews on foundations, I keep hearing a lot of great things about the Angellift foundation, I wish it was sold in the U.S. XD I was browsing your past reviews and I really like how you go over the benefits/cons of products, thanks for being so helpful.

    I love your banner. So adorable!



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