Saturday, February 27, 2010

The reasons of MIA plus reflecting..

Hi girls,

if anyone is still reading.. I have been on MIA over 2 weeks (coming to 3 maybe)

too much happened in life so I quickly recap on a few:

1) Chinese new year... meaning mom shouting down the throat the work she needs to prepare. Luckily nothing much
2) valentines day ... meaning nothing to happen coz of chinese new year on the same day
3) dad in UK.. yes with two very noisy kids who made mui Chu the kitten very very scared... Dao dao is being too kind to hide away.. and become subject of unpleasant experience. I became the organiser of the trip so really was far too busy to look at myself in the mirror and see how bad I look
4) preparing for HK trip. the currency rate goes up and down like a roller coaster these days. everyday been calculating how much I need to bring ...
5) bloody accounting. It is the month of VAT returns yet again.
6) continuation of wedding woes. been trying to organise a wedding photoshoot in Japan (mount fuji), unfortunately my japanese is rather poor on writing so it is a very long process, and the back and forth between emails is making me scream. And plus... money concerns, budgeting and invitation card needs to go out soon
7) phd the ever growing pain. I actually broke down in tears in front of supervisor not knowing to continue or not. My work is very slow due to work-life commitments

anyway.. just want to blog about my take on this blog.

I started beauty blogging because of my way understanding about beauty products. Although beauty products is very much a product that in general we buy when we want to, but I believe we should be studying it in details. My phd training.. hmm.. make me scrutinize all the products I use and hence I write uber long reviews.

But when time doesn't allow me to, I tried micro-blogging. But it didn't work. My reivews aren't getting out the way I want to be.. my camera..  is not  working (I sold my TX-1, which has a swivel lens camera that I can see how I actually look in photos). When you can't do FOTD... well.. it is difficult to illustrate the products etc

I'm looking at a few cameras (need to be cheap) to re-do these FOTD so i'll be looking and looking and looking.

anyone got any suggestion on a camera that is good on self-portrati let me know.

bye for now.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tell me am I in Korea?

In new Malden at a shop
You pick your own tempura
Holy am I in Korea?

Raspberry deluxe

Best chocolate in London

Apparently the best chocolate in London at William Curley in richmond

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pink Cupcakes

Baked these last week for my first customer. As this is the first order, i thought i'll go over the top and baked some pink cupcakes to do a wow factor

It is made of Homemade Strawberry from my best friend J. And apparently my cupcakes taste better than Primrose Bakery hehe (And definitely better than Magnolia)

I made some greentea cupcakes today unfortunately my camera ran out of battery so no photo. 

Any girls in London who want to pick up stitching again, I now provide cupcakes for them.

The Thrifty stitchers -

They offer half day to 1 day beginner class where you can take away a bag or a cushion. Or even to drop in for 3 hours when they open for drop in session and bring in anything you want to do. They'll be there teaching you step by step (I brought 4 S trousers and 3 jeans to alternate. I was told being too ambitious)

Anyway, they're launching a new class on chop and change. Shortening, lengthening hems, piping, etc etc. So for any ladies who want to learn a skill to alter their own clothing without visiting their local laundrette.. it is brilliant

And you'll be eating Evie's cupcakes as well

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hong Kong / Taiwan Spree advance notice


not lots of update again..

that's coz I have been preparing for my trip to taiwan (yeah!!!!) a birthday present from S so I'll spend a weekend surrounded by the flowers season in Taipei. When I go to Hong Kong in March.

that means. Eve's custom purchase is running again.

this time, rather than doing individual orders, (because I'd be running around like a mad cow) I will set different deadlines every week when I'm in Hong Kong for spreeing. I'll personally go to bonjour and Sasa to get your spree and send it over to you in whereever you are. All at cost price plus £1 service charge. (that's to cover my transport by going into town)

please send me URL for whatever spree you want:

for Hong Kong spree, if you can have a look or even order directly from these website, it'll help me a lot. I will collect them from the shop, so the local mail charge is free  - we all know the greatness of Sasa. All Hail to Sasa     - a site where you can buy cheap japanese brands    - a site to buy taiwanese and korean makeup (especially beauty diary mask and skinfood)

Watsons and Mannings are OK to spree as well (they have Kate, MJ, Angelfit and some chinese made beauty products which is good value such as 美肌之誌 Sewame etc)

I'll also go to taiwan and I personally will buy lots and lots from Kevin Beauty Maker and Beauty DIY

they are only available for online purchase, and again I'll collect it myself so no local postage

they have brands such as Kiss Me, Ju Ju and local taiwanese brand which makes your eyes dizzy

can all email re: spree be directed to my email,

or leave a comment and I'll come back to you

bye for now....


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