Saturday, February 27, 2010

The reasons of MIA plus reflecting..

Hi girls,

if anyone is still reading.. I have been on MIA over 2 weeks (coming to 3 maybe)

too much happened in life so I quickly recap on a few:

1) Chinese new year... meaning mom shouting down the throat the work she needs to prepare. Luckily nothing much
2) valentines day ... meaning nothing to happen coz of chinese new year on the same day
3) dad in UK.. yes with two very noisy kids who made mui Chu the kitten very very scared... Dao dao is being too kind to hide away.. and become subject of unpleasant experience. I became the organiser of the trip so really was far too busy to look at myself in the mirror and see how bad I look
4) preparing for HK trip. the currency rate goes up and down like a roller coaster these days. everyday been calculating how much I need to bring ...
5) bloody accounting. It is the month of VAT returns yet again.
6) continuation of wedding woes. been trying to organise a wedding photoshoot in Japan (mount fuji), unfortunately my japanese is rather poor on writing so it is a very long process, and the back and forth between emails is making me scream. And plus... money concerns, budgeting and invitation card needs to go out soon
7) phd the ever growing pain. I actually broke down in tears in front of supervisor not knowing to continue or not. My work is very slow due to work-life commitments

anyway.. just want to blog about my take on this blog.

I started beauty blogging because of my way understanding about beauty products. Although beauty products is very much a product that in general we buy when we want to, but I believe we should be studying it in details. My phd training.. hmm.. make me scrutinize all the products I use and hence I write uber long reviews.

But when time doesn't allow me to, I tried micro-blogging. But it didn't work. My reivews aren't getting out the way I want to be.. my camera..  is not  working (I sold my TX-1, which has a swivel lens camera that I can see how I actually look in photos). When you can't do FOTD... well.. it is difficult to illustrate the products etc

I'm looking at a few cameras (need to be cheap) to re-do these FOTD so i'll be looking and looking and looking.

anyone got any suggestion on a camera that is good on self-portrati let me know.

bye for now.



  1. awwwww.... I am still reading! :P
    we have missed you! hehehe

    the HK trip sounds great. yeah the currency is like a roller coaster.

  2. Hope life stabilizes a bit for you! Hang in there =)

  3. Of course we still read your blog Eve! I hope everything will be alright for you :)

  4. I still read your blog :D so does all my cousins I think we need more hours in a day, stay healthy and happy ^^

  5. Well, I might not be able to comprehend the difficulties you are facing. But I can at least say I am still reading and checking updates on your blog. =)

  6. aww hang in there Eve. Thank you for your kind words.



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