Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cath Kidston Bag review


I was chatting with the girls Sheila and Yinnie on twitter and Sheila wanted this bag. It is on Cath Kidston sale site and there's another red one available. So I offered to give a review on this particular bag and why I think it's great.

i have been a great lover to Cath kidston, if you like retro stuff and into girly things, cath kidston is absolutely great because of their design and they offer goods in great designs and yes, it is useful. Their mostly famous for their bags and kitchenware. I personally have this bag some baking equipment, a mug and a cat bed for my beloved cats is on its way.

If you're buying cath Kidston, it is a bit like buying Harrods bag, you go for the prettiest shopper bag and run away with it. (and that's what people buy Cath kidston bag for) but i opted this instead.

Where i bought this? with 20% discount code and free delivery

usual price is £55

On the front you have an extra pocket, with a magnetic clip. It is made of oilcloth, meaning: Staines? wipe it off. Rainy days: protected. and very sturdy as well

the handle is bounded with leather on the topm it gives a good grip
inside there's two more pockets for keys and mobile

my 13 inch laptop fits in perfect and with plenty of rooms


at the bottom, there're metal bits to keep the bag away from the ground. It keeps it clean

My verdict:

Love the design, and most of all. a great bag to use when travelling.
it has zippers and most of the cath kidston bag don't. And it is lightweight becasue of the oilcloth, and it is waterproof. You don't need to worry it gets dirty or you dropped it and you need to send it to the dry cleaner. 
Stylish of course, and it is a product that is unique and very English, I must say.

Is there something I want to complain? probably if it has more comparments (but i resolve this problem by having a handbag organiser)
The price is a bit expensive but if it is in a sale, I'll probably buy it. I bought this saying this is my Christmas present so I managed to convince myself with the high price.

If you are in UK or have a chance to buy it. I totally recommend this.


  1. Thank you so much for this review! I think I'm going to go for the oilcloth one, mainly because like you said, its so easy to maintain and won't get dirty.

    Thanks again for taking this time out of your super busy schedule for helping me, I really appreciate it <3

  2. ohmy!!! this looks better than those bags we saw inside the store the other day!!!and the best part is you have 20% off!!!! :D i wish i have spare money for one lol

  3. gaaah too pricey but at 20% off, why not?!... but sounds like a good investment :)the Japanese love Cath Kitson here!

  4. love the design! thanks for the review, i'll definitely grab one if i see any :D

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  6. Well Done!! I got Tommy a medium red spot DOG BED (he is too big for the small one) at Cath Kidston, and that cat is ADDICTED to that bed. It also washes up really well in the washing machine and doesn't fade.

    Your kitties will love the new bed!!

  7. very helpful, I am trying to decide if I should order a similar one



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