Monday, March 8, 2010

FAKE Bihada Ichizoku mask on sale.. and I got some...


The very special fake Bihada  Ichizoku mask

So, Hong Kong is a beauty shopping paradise. As well as beauty shopping hell. I went to Mong Kok today to check out some of the Custom purchase shops that operate there (these are shops that sell anything from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other places) for some business research for my own business. I went to this shopping centre behind Sino Centre, and found a shop selling these masks.

My alarm bell should rang because these masks are selling for $9, which is $1.15 USD. hey, the official price is $4USD so I should really know. but I was super happy to see them because I ran out of them and I desperately need something before my Taiwan trip.
My fake bihada masks purchase

So the conversation between myself and the sales lady as follows:
Me: these are the bihada mask! what a bargain
Sales: yes, we source them from Taiwan. I have relatives in taiwan and buy them in
Me: hmm.. there's Chinese translations as well
Sales: yes. that's how they sell in Taiwan

So immediately I grab 4 mask and started to dash. But was stopped to see some My Beauty Diaries Eye Gel/serum on sale. Hmm... never saw them before so I played around. The texture is very smooth after applying but make the testing area slightly tanned. I thought rather than buying it there I better go home to do the research.

Went home and do research on the My Beauty diary eye gel. and found out My Beauty diary never ever release these eye gel, and apparently these are all fakes!! There's even fake my Beauty Dairy cleansing powder as well. So I decided to do more research on these Bihada masks

My clue that they are fake comes in these pictures:
First clue, the Chinese words and translation.
I know some countries require official chinese translation for imported beauty products, but these only limited to those selling through an official agent, i.e. in Watsons and Mannings. If you buy products in Sasa, don't expect there'll be Chinese translation on the product, but a label of what it does will be on display at the shelf.
The Chinese words looks real but it is not. The first 3 lines are in fact written in traditional Chinese, then the rest of the translation is written in Simplified Chinese.
WTF!! no chinese region in the world mix up simplified and traditional chinese

Secondly, the printing quality.
Ok they use the exac packagin material. exactly the same colour
But the printing of japanese words is very slightly blurred (see below)

You see the words below the flower? it is blurred!!!

So fake items even Bihada Ichizoku exist!

Beware ladies (and I'll sure be careful in the future)


  1. cant say im shocked at least you realized before you tried them! hard luck :( btw im gonna reply your email v soon!!

  2. wow, great investigating! Glad you found out they were fake before using them or buying more!

  3. Wow! I had no clue! Thank you for the heads up.

  4. Thanks for telling us this, will be checking for sure before buying any next time.

  5. Whatever I get from Sasa has Chinese labels on them (but I only buy online so maybe these are marked specially?) =) Well done! Did you open the mask to see if it has any smell or how the quality of the sheet itself is?

  6. omg!! I didn't expect them to look so real... does it mean I should be careful shopping at SaSa , colourmix and Bonjour? ><

  7. Hi new reader here :) what a surprise!! well not really I guess because in china they seem to be able to mimic just about anything,,,, :(

    Thank you for this info it really helps to know they are fakes out there for this mask also :) btw have you seen fake Jill Stuart beauty stuff too?? just curious now :/


  8. Did you try any of them? Were they ok on face?



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