Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Success haul - Shiseido, Sasa and Mannings

So, it seems I generated some negativity in my previous posts. To the girls who bought the bihada masks via Sasa and big-ish wholesalers, don't worry they're absolutely genuine. But since this experience I will stay away from small-ish buyers especially those from China. If you're buying Bihada, buy straight from Japan or from big companies such as Sasa. They're safe.

 My haul from Shiseido Counter in Seibu, Pacific Place

I decided to pick up some lemmings, yes lemmings, I think I had the lemming over Maquillage since last year and I have succesfully panned the Face creator No.22 (thz Fuz for recommendation) so I went to pick up no. 55 and since they're doing promotion, i picked up more lemmings together.

So i picked up:
Face creator No. 55 (great for girsl with darker skintone, like mine. Very natural and contour face well)
Lippies BE 201
Lip Gloss BE 307 (again on the natural tone and they are matching lip sticks and lip gloss)
eyes creator BE 763 (which is limited edition)

and the rest are freebies. apparently I am now a O20 in Maquillage foundation because they have darkened their colour since their last release. So if you have darker skintone like mine, you can now purchase Maquillage with ease. Also with some whitening products and a new make up bag.

 Shiseido Goodies no.2. If you become their member, they give you 3 coupons. One for free brow and makeup service. One for free products if you make your 2nd purchase. And 1/2 coupon for a treatment in Shiseido beauty Centre.

I also had some SASA purchase in my first day in Hong Kong

MM mascara base (new edition) and Lash Enamel glamour volume mascara

So far so far, nothing very special but still one of my favourite. The Kiss Me mascar has already tried up so I need something new.

I think everyone knows i'm an Angelfit crazy fan. I bought this Pore zero base with SPF25 in Mannings. I love the Ettusais pore zero foundation and determined that's how I want to look. This pore zero base helped to archieve a near flawless look (no enlarge pores, no flaky skin) I am only use Angelfit liquid foundation in W07 (can't find any in this trip, very weird) and their two-way foundation in O20.

The my beauty diary Platinum White tea Whitening mask. I always love my beauty diary especially their platinum masks. It is a very close paper texture to Bihada Ichizoku. I always doubt how effective is the serum but I am preparing to buy tonnes of these to stock up (probably in taiwan)

And finally DHC rose lip balm x2 in Mannings. they're doing a special promotion, two of these cost
$12 USD. Still a bit expensive but I love anything with rose.

I bought 2 and prepare to giveaway one of these. Stay tune!!


  1. Nice Haul!! Have a good trip to HK on Thursday!

  2. wow nice goods, i love the shiseido haul

  3. really nice haul!
    the dhc balm is too pretty!:)

  4. Great haul! Love Mannings and Sasa!! Have you been to the Sasa in Tsim Sha tsui? It's huge and it has 2 floors!! So nice! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  5. LOVE your haul! I have been going crazy for Maquillage recently too! :P hahah ahhhhh I really want to get that eyeshadow palette too the LE color! hmmmmmm * I must get IT* hehehe yeah but you know online? they charge a ridiculous price for brands like Maquillage and Jill Stuart! grrrrr. Makes me mad!!!!! hehehe

  6. Popcorn: yeah I just compare the price with gooddealer, and god! s/he charging like $1.16 USD more than counter price and no goodies of coz. I'm glad I bought it at the counter and not walk around and search for a cheaper price one

  7. great haul! how do you like the dhc lip balm?

  8. Dina: I'm still trying with the DHC lip balm. I prefer the scent of dhc then my rose pharmacy lip balm. It has this shiny thingy on my lip. But I think I need something of a lip scrub to get rid of my dead skin first. Bringing it to taiwan to try it out

  9. Nice haul! If i goto HK again, id definitely check out the maquillage there.. theyre much better value there!! The DHC lip balm looks cute.. lemme know what you think of them!!



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