Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kevin beautymaker and Skincology Order for girls in EU / HK

shoutout and urgent shoutout

I'm making 1 final order for Kevin beautymaker and skincology order for girls in Hong Kong or EU. Basically, i'm ordering and since they have around a 5 days turnaround time, I'll need to make the order by 16th march

 If you want to order please have a look at this site

Please use the above site for link and quote. I'll then divide the Taiwan to Hong Kong shipping cost among all orders (at the moment I have 5) and ask for payment towards that part in full, then once I arrive in UK on the 28th march, i'll then weight them and send you the shipping cost.

Please use this calculator for paypal payment:
NT 31 = 1 USD

Other payment method (i.e. cash or UK bank transfer)
Currency rate:
NT 31 = 1 USD
48 NT = £1

Delivery cost:
At cost by royal mail:

1 x Kevin Beauty maker aqua eye concealer: $255 NT
5 girls sharing delivery cost to HK: 750 NT / 5 = 150 NT
local UK delivery:  £1 (first class delivery) or 1.63USD (using paypal currency rate)
(this £1 is just a fiction amount, the real cost could be a lot less depending what type of delivery cost you want to choose)

if you pay by UK Bank transfer
= (255+150) / 48 + 1 = £9.43

for Paypal it is:
= (255+150) / 31 + 1.63 =  14.69
using the paypal converter you'll need to send:
$15.44 USD
£9.43 with paypal converter:
$16.72 USD

Why so complicated this formula?
unfortunately PAYPAL charges me for receiving money, so either you need to pay in advance so that I can receive the exact amount in GBP or I'll need to absorb the cost.

Don't worry if you dunno how to calculate. I'll do the calculation and quote you based on the above.

I am really doing it at cost price. The more girls we have for this haul, the cheaper the cost of delivery. I have around 5 girls interested and hopefully we can all share the cost. Remember no VAT!!

email should go to:

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  1. Eve, do you think u can ship to my HK address instead of bringing it back to UK?? or I can get my friend to receive the things from you face-to-face??(coz i don't want to bring them back from Denmark...overloaded luggage :X) let me know

    x Jen



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