Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy birthday to me :)

Just had my birthday last week. Thanks for all the twitter and fb messages !!

this year is my last birthday as a singleton. Well legally (I have a S with me) so my family spoiled me rotten with an evening out at my favourite teppanyaki place in Causeway Bay (Wasan-mi/aji) above Sogo. And a seafood feast at home, and a cake from Zoe the cake shop in Causeway Bay

My birthday present. All girls know what it is :)

Food Porn!


The cherry blossom tree at home that is still blossoming, even it is a month after Chinese new year.

I took many many photos during this trip but i'll do some scheduled post when I can type them in flight.

An annoucment: i'm flying to Sydney on 7th April to 13 April, anyone want to meet up. let me know.


  1. HAPPY B-DAY~ hehehe I hope you had a GREAT b-day~
    the food looks awesome! I'm hungry now.... :D
    awww you look sooo cute!

  2. HAPPY Birthday!! Glad you got to spend it in HK with your loved ones!

    Have a great time in Sydney!

  3. happy belated birthday!
    Sounds like you had a great time :D

    Shan xx



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