Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder foundation N review

I'm back to London. EVEN this is a short stop (just under 1 week) I'm so happy to see my lovely cats, they're giving me cold shoulder at the moment, but it is ok.

This is one of my HG foundation at the moment, which is the Smoth silk Powder foundation. I always wanted to create a silky smooth look on my face, unfortunately, my liquid foundation never able to do so. In HK, I have also been using powder foundation rather than liquid as they give me that 'smooth' look on my face. This JS foundation works even better, it gives a glow as well.

The product:
it is a powder foundation. no need for liquid foundation as base, just apply on its own is ok.

Wild rose extract and almond oil. jeez, I tell you, i never have a foundation that smells this good.

a very hefty $390 including compact case and foundation. that's $50 USD if you are asking

My shade:

103 (I'm not the darkest now.. finally) but it is a bit pale. I think that's how HK girls want to be, just on the little pale side. she said I can go for 104, but it is actually pink tone.
(I am getting good foundation match when I do it with a SA, so all foundation I get with SA is a very good match so far)
 You see! that's where $50 usd went into. packaging. When you open the box, it deliberately shows you the little flower that hangs on your case on the top.

My verdict:
If you excuse me, please blind fold my wallet and my bleeding bank, this foundation would be perfect.
It is smooth yet light on skin. It gives a beautiful aroma, and with the enhanced design (this is only launched last month) it separately the sponge and the foundation into different level now.

where the sponge is now in the new design case

I keep thinking if there's any alternative to this foundation. I don't think I know of. The kevin beautymaker compact also gives a similar coverage, but without the aroma and the silkiness. I love how after a few hours, your skin glows (seriously! my bf commented on how it glows)
I like powder foundation more than liquid, as you can re-apply during the day to the necessary area. I can't really find fault on this. In fact, My bleeding wallet will take me back and get the foundation refill so that it'll last me until October.

Oh js, oh js, how can you be sooo pretty. There's a plastic sleeve that goes between the foundaiton and the mirror. This is on the 2nd level of the case.

my next and perhaps last review for the moment will be js mix blush in colour 11, Rose fairy. Again new colour that is launched in March and an LE item. stay tuned!


  1. Wow sounds great.. I'm so so so picky with foundations, it'd take a lot to separate me and my Dior haha. It sounds a lot cheaper in hk; in fact 390 is a good deal. Does it have SPF and oil control?? I might check at the counter here and get my sister to check out in hk when she's there.. Where can you find the JS counters?? Cheers! Anyway great review!

  2. you're so evil Eve!!! i'm tempted to get JS foundation now!

  3. I'm so tempted too! Aah!!! Love it! <3



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