Sunday, March 7, 2010

how to shop in payeasy (for Kevin beautymaker)

after a sudden realisation that I'm going to taiwan next friday, I spent 2 evenings looking on payeasy site on goodies to buy. my must buy list includes their foundations and concealer. Was going to buy skincare but decided to try something japanese instead (eyes on JuJu and some whitening serum)

Originally my must-buy list in Kevinbeauty was as long as my A4 pages can hold, unfortunately, their stupid system doesnt allow to put items in shopping cart. Yes there's no shopping cart in their system, and you need to buy items one by one. therefore to buy 3 items, you'll need to put in 3 request and pay 3 times and pick the location of pickup 3 times!!! therefore, I only buy 2 items as I can't be bothered to press the same buttonsssss 3 times.

I'll do a quick English explaination if you are going to buy any Taiwanese makeup on payeasy (just if you stop by in taiwan)

please note:
1. Payeasy/kevin beautymaker didn't pay me or give me goodies to do this. I do this coz I know there are ladies out there who can't read chinese but want to buy
2. All taiwan collection item that are available on payeasy is free delivery (except to overseas buyer) the cost you see is the cost you pay at the end. No need to pay extra
3. apparently it is like a rakuten system. Sellers advertised on payeasy, but they can't group items together to send over to you because they just can't. So if you buy 2 items from skincology and 2 items from Kevinbeauty, you need to make 4 transactions together, but can be all pick up at the same store
4. if you are from overseas and want to make use of the free delivery option, i recommend you collecting your item from a convinient store such as 7-11, OK near your hotel. Because I had bad experience where the item was stuck at the reception over 5 days before i was told it was there!! Also, if you don't want to give out credit card details, you can pay at the convenient store rather than in advance. (good if you thought you want to ditch your order and runaway last minute)

How to:
1. Go to and choose which item. Kevin beauty items are listed on the left, where it says 'Kevin'

2. Once you're in the Kevin beautymaker website. All the  hot seller items and promotion items are on the left, and in the middle grey panel, they are separate into categories, such as base makeup, concealer, eye makeup, cheek makeup, lips etc

3. I have picked the eye concealer and you need to scroll down the page until it shows you the colour option. Click the red box to buy.

4. It'll then take you to the special promotion page where you can combine specific items assigned by kevin beauty in the order. That's the only time you can buy more than 1 item in each order. Bargain such as 1NT (£0.02) makeup base is on offer
5.  once you press the button red button, it'll take you to the login page.
first time buyer need to register as member, click the box on the right.

6. They'll ask your Taiwan ID number as login. For overseas buyer, use your date of birth plus the first 2 initial of your name (i.e. 01011900EV) as your login. the rest is just basic question such as email, taiwan address and taiwan telephone number

7. once you have registered, you will go back to where you login and complete the order. You will need to choose where it will be deliver (home or convinient store) and if you ask for home delivery, what kind of card payment (they have something called online ATM, credit card or bank transfer)

8. once you have chosen the delivery method and payment. It'll confirm your order like this.

9. you'll receive an email confirming an order is placed. Generally, goods are delivered in 3 working days. If there are no stock, they aim to delivery in 5 working days. A separate email will be sent to your mobile and email once they make the delivery and notify you to collect in the convenient store.

10. You can now collecting quoting your name and what order (I'll let you know in detail) at your chosen convinient store

Hope this is useful to girls out there!


  1. I will be visiting Taiwan in May and I would love to know items your looking to purchase and what you would recommend! I want to start building up my list! I have a few of the beautymaker items and I think I might pick up other things from his other lines. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. wow you're so nice to put time and effort in translating. Im sure all the kevin beauty maker lovers out there really appreciate it!

  3. thank you so much for this post! I was going to ask you about this :D

  4. thanks babe! i am not after kevin sensei's items but i reallly want some other things from the site
    will try this out


  5. have u ever shop online from your home and let them send from taiwan??

  6. Dina: drop me an email if you need to ask for anything with ordering from payeasy

    Minoda: just ordered from taiwan on thurs, and guess what? the package has arrived in HK, in 2 days! only

  7. wow...that was fast...i did try to order as an oversea customer, but seems like the catalog for non-taiwanese are abit-so-much option, They don't have certain products, and they won't have those promotions like it stated on the payeasy main page...sad

  8. Hi there

    I googled n came to ur website. Have some questions regarding ordering from payeasy. If u r free can u help me answer? thanks!

    1)I want to order from the webpage but my fren will be collecting on my behalf does she need any identification of mine?

    2)Do we have to collect immediately once we receive the sms?

    Please help if possible. Thank you!

  9. Hi iakorex,

    when u order, u can put the one who'll pick up your order in the order form. She shd have a copy of your order, and I find that not many ppl order so the people in the shop will easily know if it is from payeasy. the shop sales didn't ask for my identification but check against my email print out

    you don't need to collect immediately, I think you have 2 weeks before it is send back. i totally recommend only to pay on collection. Or to have it delivered direct to where your friend is. I choose to pick up from 7-11 because I can't deliver it to where I stay.
    But as I say, it can deliver anyway in Taiwan for free, so if you have a friend, I'll choose the delivery option and pay it yourself

  10. Hey Eve, came across your blog when searching on Beautymaker's product..
    i am actually going to Taiwan in July, and am interested in purchasing some of their products.
    Just to check with you, is there any other way to purchase their products besides ordering online? as in..any stalls/booth that sell these in Taiwan?



  11. Hi Shuwen,

    with kevinbeauty, I'm afraid the only official way is via the site, they dun sell it on the street :( it is actually very easy to order if you take time, and the best thing? only pay and collect in the 7-11 and if you decide you dun want it, you can just not collect it.
    there's many sasa type of store in taiwan so you might find what you want, such as Dr Wu, and some less-known brand such as l'egere (they called it korean but its actually taiwanese) available. There's many beauty diary type of masks that you just can't help yourself with.
    dun be scared with ordering, the special discount session usually is filled with other products that you might be interested.

  12. Thanks Eve!! for the quick and detail reply!

  13. heyo eve! was googling for how-tos on kevin beautymaker and came across ur post - thanks so much! :D i'm going to taipei mid July so was thinking of buying Beautymaker+Shills+Beauty Diary.

    any idea where to purchase Shills?
    will Cosmed/Watsons in Taipei also hv Beauty Diary?
    any personal recommendations for Beautymaker other than the eye concealer? :) i'm someone who goes for the refreshing/natural look (but sadly diseased with formidable eyebags).

    oh! and what am i supposed to put as my tw address & tw phone no. since i'm only there for 5 days?

    sorry for the effusive qns!really appreciate ur help! :D

  14. si ning,

    you can buy shills from payeasy as well: check out their website to where to buy

    beauty diary is much easier to buy as they are just everywhere, in Cosmed of coz. I would recommend going to Cosmed simply because they do promotion all the time.

    I recommend their skin care from Beautymaker. I find beautymaker's foundation a little bit too yellow and dark and since you can try it, it is a waste of money if the wrong shade arrives.

    People say their bb cream concealer is pretty good as well. I also bought their Pore smoother but not yet used it .

    ues your hotel address and telephone number in the form. They dun contact you there so it is ok.

  15. hi, does payeasy handle the package well? i mean im faraway from taiwan so im afraid my order will get destroyed on the way?

  16. hi scattering minds

    they package it very well. I actually ordered from payeasy and send to HK and it arrived very very quickly *around 3 days only.
    dun worry, it is very safe with their packaging

  17. Thanks a million Eve!!! :D really appreciate your help!

  18. Hi,

    Is there an overseas delivery option?? TIA

  19. there is! is for overseas customer.

  20. Hey thank you for the help. It took me for an hour to figure out the site, luckily I read your post!

  21. hi babyadore

    glad that I can help!

  22. Hello,

    Just came across this. I thought you could buy it in person. Thanks for this,

    i have a question. I am living in Taipei until the end of Aug.

    My friend has asked me to get this for her, do you think it's best for her to order and then I pick up? (She is in the US, she will probably pay there too)

    Also, I am a little confused on the 7/11 thing. Why do they send there? Can they send to my apt?

    If not, I have a 7/11 very close by to my apt, so it is no problem. I am just confused as to why they ship there. Thank you :)

  23. Thanks for this! I am in the US and really want to order from Pay Easy sometime, but couldn't figure out the site at all. Thanks so much for this help!!

  24. Hi Kim
    i think the best is for her to order and use home delivery and send it direct to you. i choose to pick up at 7/11 because of two reasons. My hotel doesn't accept parcels, even if they do it tends to be a bit delay (post room-> reception-> check rooming list-> etc) so I rather it sits at 7/11 and I pick up at my own convenience. the other is since I'm in taiwan, cash rate is better than credit card rate.

    However, I think in your case, best your friend to deal with the transaction her self, and you only to receive.

    hope it helps

  25. Thank u so much for your advices! I shall start exploring the site now... Any must-buys to recommend?? ;D

  26. Hi,

    Do you have any idea if they ship to Singapore? :)

  27. Hi i am visiting taiwan in 1 month and i googled your blog..May i ask HOW they will inform you if your stuffs arrive at the 7-11??Do they sms or emaill? i gave them my malaysian's hp number because they wont let me through unless i fill in the hp number...they turned down the hotel number i gave...Now i am quite worried...i ticked the 'prefer email' button though...will they send me email instead????

    Thank you very much!!

  28. Hi, I'm confused. Can I purchase the products and have them shipped overseas (korea) from Payeasy? Or will they only deliver to people in Taiwan that are visiting?

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  30. Hi Eve,

    What's the format for overseas contact no? I've tried to key in my Spore contact but was rejected.Thks.

  31. hi, i am from US. I am wondering how should i arrange the item for me to pick it up at the store? can you explain more for the overseas buyer?
    thank you very much. and also..the currency that display on the website is based on which currency?
    for example: $260.00
    is it in terms of US dollar or?



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