Friday, March 26, 2010

Jill stuart: jewel eyes review

Dear girls...

are we ready for some JS?

Granting the wish for nic nic, decided to do a review for the eyeshadows first.

Jewel Crystal Eyes (eyeshadow palette)

So this is the famous eyeshadows. i have tried the eyeshadows once and find it too shiny and pigmented. I want something more natural but decided to try this out nevertheless.

The colour i pick up is 04, which is on the pink side and very natural. I like the way how you can push the colour around to create a more natural feel but yet. very pigmented.

This particular palette is the new edition that came out. according to the SA, it was sold out until they restock it now.

the swatch. I have only applied once and that's what I get. Very natural colour, but perhaps for many girls, it is some colour that you already got in your makeup bag. I just absolutely panned my IPSA eye palette and hence totally justified myself have one. Just note the darker pink colour is a bit orange in real life, and the dark purple one is a really gd liner colour.

I have tried it today, and it works on me very well. shame cant do FOTD...

I need some advice taking FOTD on iphone or DSLR camera (no tripod pls) anyone can help?

Also, what's next should be on? another jill stuart or?

an introduction to a local HONG KONG skincare brand?


  1. I use a DSLR actually for some of my recent posts. If i really want to get into the product, I use a macro lens but i've been very lazy and just been using auto and just natural sunlight. So not much help..sorry!

    Lovely review though, Eotds soon? x

  2. haha!!! you bought from Choi Fung Hong?? I thought you won't be interested in local makeup brand :)

    that moisturizer rocks, i bought one for charles :)

  3. do u think that JS is worth the price?:)
    i think its so pretty but i cudnt spend that much on tiny palette!hehe

  4. The eyeshadow is sooo lovely! Isn't the packaging just too cute for words? Sigh..... <3 JS!!!! hehehe Thanks for the swatches!

  5. awww thanks for the swatches!! The packaging is pretty no doubt.. now you gotta do a look with it :P

    I think I could spend a lot on blush because I use it day in day out.. dnt know about eyeshadows tho..

    fotd pics works best with natural light / flash...

    best bet is to experiment a bit :)



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