Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Latest Haul

I thought I’ll do a mini-post as I seriously need to catch up with my phd.
For readers who are here purely for my beauty reviews (err even there’s only 3) my personal blog of my academic work is here:

ok here’s the photo
1. From Top left (Skincare haul)

La Roche-Posay Toleriane (my Aqualia Thermal Light replacement)
La Roche-Posay Eye make up remover
Elisha Coy Always Nuddy bb 24
Mary Quant Special Reciple Cleansing gel (it is a cleansing oil gel. Thanks Liz for the intro)
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Moisturiser
Nanoce BB cream (Thanks Kathi. Best best best product for a long time)
Elisha Coy Triple BB

2. From Top left (Makeup haul)

L’oreal Glam 6HR lip gloss (107, 303) [trying to get a perfect nude.. Fuz.. you used this term and I’m addicted haha]
Mary Quant peach lipstick
Ettusais Pore Foundation OC-40 (thanks kaz to get this from Japan pour moi)
MM mascara
Mac x Hello Kitty Collection Lipgloss (Nice kitty, Nice to be Nice)
Coffret D’or PK-241 (A swap from a MUA user but heart heart the colour)
Mac x Hello Kitty Collection Lip tinted moisturizer Popster
Lavschuca lippies BE-1 (From Cosmetic Candy shop)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to use Maquillage Face Creator - Tutorial

Hands up to all the lovely ladies who haul/bought the new maquillage face creator (me!!!) following the advice of Fuz I bought myself the face creator 11, as a Valentine's present from my bf.
I am lemming on the 33, which it is on my waiting list to be bought in HK. (I want a peach colour on cheek, shd I get 22 or 33?)

I randomly come across the Taiwan Maquillage website which shows a much better version on how to use your face creator. I decided to post this to all our ladies. I have also translated the pic into rubbish English and hope those who aren't English speaking are able to understand.







Most importantly! this part is missing from Japanese website
OK, the below pic is on how to apply the face creator if you have any other face shape other than 'normal/basic', i.e. if you have a long face, wide face or round face

1. Basic/Normal Face

2.Long FACE

3.Round FACE

4. Long and wide face

That's all from me

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light + UV SPF 15 Review

(I did this post during the wkend but it is taking me longer, so 2 post in a day, weee!)

Been thinking what I should blog about for the next post. Well, I spent 3 hours today kneeling (yes!! Kneeling!!) at Boots, and my bf patiently helping me holding my shopping from Primark and Marks and Spencer. I got some leggings because of spring (I have horrible eczema on legs and can only wear leggings with skirt), a pair of in-house pants (lol, the enjoyment of working at home.. staying in pajamas all day), some hair rubbers (I wanted to make a ballerina bun, my obsession atm). Still hesitating over the bargain bargain bargain Primark makeup bag (it is 3.50GBP compare to my Muji make up bag which cost me over 10 quid, but there's no separate holdings other than a mirror compartment.. reminder: should blog abt the makeup bag)

Back to the Vichy. I've been using this more than 1 year. I bought and stocked and swapped away, because I thought it didn't suit me when I had my first fine lines under my eye. And spring came and I'm in love with it again. I've recommended by my friend who said this is best for combination skin.

Where to buy:

Pharmacies, and recently bigger store Boots. Vichy is doing a roadshow so if you manage to find your vichy roadshow, they give you a free skin consultant. I had my consultant, and I swear she's totally independent from Vichy. She won't recommend a single vichy product but tell you what type of skin you are and what you need to know. When I tested, because of the heating in the shopping centre, she said everyone is a bit dehydrated. Once you had your skin consultation, you're moved to have a consultation over which vichy product to use. And upon receiving your consultation card, and if you buy 2 Vichy products from Boots, you get a free travel pack. I think they're in Bromley next.. so watch out!


Aqualia light 13.50 for 40ml in UK. $185 (roughly 16gbp) in Hong Kong

Aqualia UV roughly 14.50 for 50ml in UK. Unsure if they sell this in Hong Kong


Vichy Aqualia Light

If I tell you I bought already 3 tubes in the past, what can you say? I took it with me to Moracco, France, up and down in UK (when I was on my acrobat tour) and it is brilliant. I find it best at before applying makeup because your skin absorb it sooo quickly. It is not oily and it doesn't leave a leave that you've applied it. I didn't have break out unless I use it in the winter months. Probably I will use this between March to Oct, when I switch on the heating again. It is just a good base prior makeup, and would recommend it to anyone with combination skin

That's on my hand before rubbing

just taken seconds After rubbing

I recommend this to people who are in the summer countries with drier weather. I have not try this in Hong Kong but I think it might not suit humid weather. HK are also raving about this product so I'll take it with me to HK to try out (so to Japan if it has not run out by the time)

Aqualia UV

I bought this in France last year because I was just stocking up the whole range. It has UVB + UVA and SPF 15 + PPD 18. It says it is a 24 hours hydrating care. The texture is different to light. It is thicker probably because of the sunscreen property, and it takes the skin longer to absorb. I recommend to apply and wear it on its own rather than pre-makeup. I probably won't repurchase as I go out with bb cream with UV anyway.

Before rubbing

After (do you see it is slightly thicker?)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lunasol 10th Anniversary Palette

Although it is economic recession, and the fact that I have reduced work, it didn't stop me from buying... I'm sad.. I actually put all of the money minus expenses into a saving account and still didn't stop me from hauling.
I saw Kathi's post about the Lunasol Palette. I have been buying a few things from her. She has super pale skintone and I'm a NC30, so basically if she says the products doesn't suit her coz of skintone, I'll take it.. so immediately after she post she doesn't think the Lunasol Palette suit her I jumped and email to say if I can have it.
We both locate in Europe so I dun need to pay custom tax, which is very good.

Lunasol Palette:
Those who reads beauty doesn’t need me to review the colours again. There’s a few swatch photos around:
Blushed Wombat
Lunasol official website

9500 yen or $680 HKD, it is a bargain as you have a few things which normally if purchase together it cost over this amount.

Photos: (I’ll do it when I’m going out today…)

With Nanoce BB Cream and Concealer only (will do a review soon)

Eyeshadow only, you can see how 'natural' it is on my darker tone skin

With everything from the palette, the eyshadow, the blush, eyeliner and mascara, and lip gloss. It is super natural

For those who have clumpsy hands like mine, dun use the plastic cover.. I damaged the eyeshadow (As you can see from pic) because I can’t put the plastic cover back 
I never understand why they offer you 3 blush colours but you actually whirl it together and use one. The colour is far better on me as a ‘whirl as one’ than other. The highlight colour doesn’t show at all.

I like it.
It suits a darker skintone. For a NC30, I found that rather piling pink on your face, it is more natural and better to wear peachy, salmon colour which this palette offer. The eyeshadow looks natural, the blush is pigmented.
The lip gloss is sticky.. but it shows a gd colour on me. The eye liner is easy to use, the mascara… dries up soo quickly and I put my lancome mascara sample in.
I bought this palette with me as I’m going to do lots and lots of travelling. I’m getting hitched next year and need to search for the perfect venue. I also going lots of places because of my academic duty. This palette is perfect as it has everything you need. (ok.. I’ll probably put in my paul and joe mascara, my coffret d’or lippis and nanoce bb cream as well) and this wil

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First post – welcome

Halo readers.

I decided to separate this blog from the poppoppopsu blog as I recently become addicted to beauty products. YES! Sucker to the forever blackwall created to spend all our money in our wallet, rather than donating it to charities.

Beauty products for me is refined to face only. Most of the people who know me in person knows I have a super-baby face. I believe this is just due to the fact I have good genes and nothing else.

I thought I would blog here about products I have used and review.. or just share a few tipes. I must say I’m bad in applying makeup. I look best with only foundation mascara and a hint of blush (not even Lipsticks) so many of the review are down to my personal skincare. I have different skin type when I’m in different places.

In Hong Kong I tend to be oily combination skin and needs blotting. (I use Ettusais and it cures the problem). In UK, I am a dry combination skin and needs a thicker cream (Shiseido White Lucent) and acne prone.

I also fly constantly between places and let you all know if I’m outside my comfort zone.

That’s all for introduction.


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