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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light + UV SPF 15 Review

(I did this post during the wkend but it is taking me longer, so 2 post in a day, weee!)

Been thinking what I should blog about for the next post. Well, I spent 3 hours today kneeling (yes!! Kneeling!!) at Boots, and my bf patiently helping me holding my shopping from Primark and Marks and Spencer. I got some leggings because of spring (I have horrible eczema on legs and can only wear leggings with skirt), a pair of in-house pants (lol, the enjoyment of working at home.. staying in pajamas all day), some hair rubbers (I wanted to make a ballerina bun, my obsession atm). Still hesitating over the bargain bargain bargain Primark makeup bag (it is 3.50GBP compare to my Muji make up bag which cost me over 10 quid, but there's no separate holdings other than a mirror compartment.. reminder: should blog abt the makeup bag)

Back to the Vichy. I've been using this more than 1 year. I bought and stocked and swapped away, because I thought it didn't suit me when I had my first fine lines under my eye. And spring came and I'm in love with it again. I've recommended by my friend who said this is best for combination skin.

Where to buy:

Pharmacies, and recently bigger store Boots. Vichy is doing a roadshow so if you manage to find your vichy roadshow, they give you a free skin consultant. I had my consultant, and I swear she's totally independent from Vichy. She won't recommend a single vichy product but tell you what type of skin you are and what you need to know. When I tested, because of the heating in the shopping centre, she said everyone is a bit dehydrated. Once you had your skin consultation, you're moved to have a consultation over which vichy product to use. And upon receiving your consultation card, and if you buy 2 Vichy products from Boots, you get a free travel pack. I think they're in Bromley next.. so watch out!


Aqualia light 13.50 for 40ml in UK. $185 (roughly 16gbp) in Hong Kong

Aqualia UV roughly 14.50 for 50ml in UK. Unsure if they sell this in Hong Kong


Vichy Aqualia Light

If I tell you I bought already 3 tubes in the past, what can you say? I took it with me to Moracco, France, up and down in UK (when I was on my acrobat tour) and it is brilliant. I find it best at before applying makeup because your skin absorb it sooo quickly. It is not oily and it doesn't leave a leave that you've applied it. I didn't have break out unless I use it in the winter months. Probably I will use this between March to Oct, when I switch on the heating again. It is just a good base prior makeup, and would recommend it to anyone with combination skin

That's on my hand before rubbing

just taken seconds After rubbing

I recommend this to people who are in the summer countries with drier weather. I have not try this in Hong Kong but I think it might not suit humid weather. HK are also raving about this product so I'll take it with me to HK to try out (so to Japan if it has not run out by the time)

Aqualia UV

I bought this in France last year because I was just stocking up the whole range. It has UVB + UVA and SPF 15 + PPD 18. It says it is a 24 hours hydrating care. The texture is different to light. It is thicker probably because of the sunscreen property, and it takes the skin longer to absorb. I recommend to apply and wear it on its own rather than pre-makeup. I probably won't repurchase as I go out with bb cream with UV anyway.

Before rubbing

After (do you see it is slightly thicker?)


  1. Thanks for the review! Vichy is a cool brand~

  2. My sister can make really really good ballerina buns... I don't know how she does it.

  3. hi fuz!! thanks for stopping by :) I was looking for a EU brand that I can afford and Vichy was introduced to me and since I'm addicted. Vichy is cool.. (when you can't have IPSA...)

    Hi perfectlady - I'm making ballerina buns everyday, ecept I dun use a hairnet. My hair is quite layered and it is looking awful. But it is great coz once I done it I can just leave it and work on other stuff

  4. Yeah, my sister doesn't use a hairnet either...
    Ballerina buns look good with hair sticks. =)



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