Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to use Maquillage Face Creator - Tutorial

Hands up to all the lovely ladies who haul/bought the new maquillage face creator (me!!!) following the advice of Fuz I bought myself the face creator 11, as a Valentine's present from my bf.
I am lemming on the 33, which it is on my waiting list to be bought in HK. (I want a peach colour on cheek, shd I get 22 or 33?)

I randomly come across the Taiwan Maquillage website which shows a much better version on how to use your face creator. I decided to post this to all our ladies. I have also translated the pic into rubbish English and hope those who aren't English speaking are able to understand.







Most importantly! this part is missing from Japanese website
OK, the below pic is on how to apply the face creator if you have any other face shape other than 'normal/basic', i.e. if you have a long face, wide face or round face

1. Basic/Normal Face

2.Long FACE

3.Round FACE

4. Long and wide face

That's all from me


  1. oh i have this and i try to use it but no matter how i do it, it doesnt come out the way the SA put it on me [which looked outta this world]

  2. I know. I have the same problem when I receive my face creator, the diagram looks like the olympic logo, how can you circle every part of the face and show me how I apply? I checked the japanese website but the java script is rubbish.
    Ooo apologise to readers, I realised there's many mis-spelling etc, I did this very very first thing in morning so I think I didn't realise how bad it was.. shame.. can't change again

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've got 33 and 22 and this will help me make better use of them!

  4. this is why the reason i gave up on Shiseido 3D Face Creator... i know it's a good stuff but way too troublesome to use.. I'm a lazybum... Hahaha

  5. Thank you for posting the tutorial. It's very helpful. How do you choose which colour is the best suit?

  6. excellent demonstration on how to use the pallette. It's much easier to understand. I am going to get the face creator.



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